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Ashley Graham disagrees with new COVID-19 measures on birth in hospitals

-There have been some hospitals recently who have not been allowing women to have their partners in the room with them due to COVID-19.

-Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a video on her Instagram voicing her opinion surrounding the new hospital restrictions:

'So now due to COVID-19, there are some hospitals in New York City that are not allowing mothers to have their significant others in the room while they're delivering. That means mothers will not have a support system while delivering their child.'

'I understand that hospitals have to protect their staff, they have to protect the patients, the mothers, the children and everyone else, but I really believe mothers need to have a support system, even if it's just one face they know and they trust'

The model gave birth to her son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin in January.

Do you agree with Ashley?


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there is a baby in NICU who caught covid from a nurse. there are cases quietly popping up around the globe of babies getting hit, or mom had it upon delivery. every person who is in that room as a support person is a risk of being a contact point for exposure for others. they risk needing life saving medical care that hospitals might not have. they even risk death.

every day doctors and nurses have to make decisions free of emotion because they see the bigger picture. shit sucks right now, it's a pandemic. people are dying. people are going to keep dying. doctors aren't doing this to fuck women over and be cruel. they are in a no win situation and want to cut down on victims of this virus and extreme measures are being taken. acting like it's nbd to expose medical staff to one more potential contact point, or that person be exposed is just....

i'm going to side with the folks who've had medical training over a model. sorry. it's a no win situation and it's sucky. i have a friend whose due in 8 weeks and she's scared shitless, and my heart breaks for her. but nobody was doing this just to fuck her over.
i mean, those folks with medical training are already the people who dont listen to pregnant women even when their isnt a pandemic. when even serena williams had to beg doctors to take her seriously, we already see that even those professionals with medical training dgaf about women even on a good day.
at the end of the day doctors are people living in the same society as the rest of us and are just as likely as the next person to be racist and/or misogynistic.

I’m surrounded by med students and doctors so I know first hand some of the disgusting things that fall out of their mouths.
I appreciate all your comments in this post bb.
WHO has stated it is fine to have one person of support for a woman giving birth

there are ways to make sure a person coming in is healthy, it's just taking the extra minute to figure out how. more women die in this country every single day from having a child. health issues still exist outside of covid and should be taken seriously too.
TBH I’m the WORST advocate for myself, and with some of the labor complications I had ( baby stopped breathing, my oxygen went low, whole mess and a half), I can’t see myself going through it without my support network ( my husband) my doctor wasn’t even on shift so basically nurses and doctors I’ve never met delivered my baby. It’s a sticky situation all around. 😬
My sister is pregnant and due on May, i AM so scared for her and her baby
This sucks


March 25 2020, 19:38:20 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 25 2020, 19:44:13 UTC

this is cruel, women die in childbirth all the fucking time even when we arent in a pandemic. they should be allowed a birth partner.

something ive heard other women bring up is that many hosptials dont have nurseries anymore unless the baby is in critical condition. therefore women are expected to immediately care for their newborns while recovering from birth. how are women supposed to do that while alone? there are already cases where newborns have died bc their mothers were exhausted after birth and couldnt take care of them alone.
I feel like this policy is going to lead to a lot of unsafe home births. The mom needs her support system. The dad can also function as a patient advocate. I also don’t think they should take the baby away right away unless their is an immediate emergency. Test mom and baby after she’s held them.
I feel like this policy is going to lead to a lot of unsafe home births

yep. i know a woman who's been doing facebook lives to talk about her home birth so other pregnant women can do it on a whim. that's dangerous on its own but especially since the woman giving tips didn't HAVE a homebirth - she had to be rushed to the hospital bc she let her pregnancy go to 45 weeks and the baby inhaled meconium 🙄🙄🙄
I mean it sucks but tough titties, these are the times
My friend is pregnant with her 2nd surrogate baby. With the first, she was able to have her husband for labor and delivery support, and both parents of the baby in the delivery room. This time, she has to do it alone, and the parents don't get to be present for the birth of their child. Who knows how long it'll even be until they get to meet/hold their child. It's shitty all around.
I agree with her. I understand the safety precautions that need to be taken place though but I feel like they should at least make it somewhat accessible for partners to be able to be there for the mothers.

I’m a nurse in a high-risk L&D that also cares for non-laboring pregnant patients with life-threatening conditions. I also understand the importance of having a support person - my husband was my rock during all 3 of my own deliveries.

My coworkers and I are just getting nervous because we are getting calls from hundreds of NYC patients who want to deliver at our facility because we’re still allowing one support person. We’re already short-staffed and so short on medical supplies (I’ve been wearing the same surgical mask for the past week) - this is going to overwhelm us.

I took an oath as a nurse and I want to provide excellent care to anyone who needs it. But this whole situation is wearing us thin.

My sister is a L&D nurse as well and the last week has been abysmal for her. And it’s just getting worse. I don’t know how you go into work everyday. Her hospital still allows one person but after the birth they impose strict hours on when that person is allowed to be there. I imagine it getting more strict with how people are abusing the rules.

Just wanted to comment and let you know you’re appreciated and you’ll be in my thoughts during this time.

I work 3-4 days a week but the last few weeks are bringing out my worst anxiety. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Support people are not allowed to stay overnight if there are two patients in one room on the maternity unit (which there usually are, especially now when we’re expecting more patients).

It's such a difficult, impossible situation. My heart goes out to all of the women who have to give birth alone in this time. :(
at least she's being reasonable and not falling in line with all the home birth crunchy clowns i know, "the only non essential person in a delivery room is the doctor" 🙄
I've never had a child and never plan to but this is unacceptable. Women giving birth need advocates. Mortality rates for women giving birth,especially women of color, are extremely high in America. They deserve to have their partner with them. Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise.
there's no one more vulnerable than a woman giving birth and she should ALWAYS have an advocate for her well-being there with her because she cannot advocate for herself under these circumstances. anything else is a crime against humanity, tbh; doctors and nurses are not enough and they do not always have her best interests at heart, as we know from so many instances of obstetric violence. I'm childfree as can be but this is just common sense.
I am a covid19 nurse. I work every night in the hospital directly with people who have the virus or are being tested. What I've learned from this post is that none of you understand what is happening in our hospitals nor do you much care about healthcare workers who risk our lives while you complain about how bored you are staying at home.
do you care abt the health of mothers tho? nobody here even mentioned being bored at home, ppl brought up countless examples of women being flat out ignored and traumatized during birth and this would only add to it. they can’t postpone giving birth, so they gotta do it in these scary times and also completely alone and in pain?

i get that you’re scared and probably exhausted but a little bit of empathy, man.
I don't do what I do because I lack empathy. I might lack patience for the people who don't understand what I understand but I don't feel bad about that right now. Every person who is hospitalized right now is doing with less or doing without. It's the truth of the times. That's a BS strawman trying to say I don't care about the health of mothers. Don't.

We are intubating people with bandanas around our mouths and dirty masks pressed against our faces because we can't change them. You don't understand. We can't spare PPE for daddies. We can't let extra bodies into the lobbies and waiting rooms and ORs and around other patients. You don't understand. And y'all need to start understanding.


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do you understand you are actually speaking to a nurse on the front lines, begging for her safety to be taking seriously, and you're arguing this point that she NEEDS EMPATHY? there is this argument that women who have to give birth alone (which btw happens all the time for a variety of reasons) are absolutely going to be what, assaulted? not taken seriously? yes it happens (like it happens with lots of medical procedures to lots of people in vulnerable positions to advocate for themselves) and it's not to be downplayed or trivialized BUT these are extremely unprecedented times and this "we must protect pregnant mothers" as though the doctors and nurses in the hospitals will actively harm them without a partner there is ludicrous.

this person is out there risking their damn life to save people right now, and you're telling THEM to have empathy? you can disagree with them but telling them THAT? nooooope.


1 week ago

I really hope that you can stay safe given your awful working conditions. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep up the good work.

people will never care about us. i hope there is a mass leave of nurses from the bedside after this. thank you for what you are doing <3
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