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Ashley Graham disagrees with new COVID-19 measures on birth in hospitals

-There have been some hospitals recently who have not been allowing women to have their partners in the room with them due to COVID-19.

-Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a video on her Instagram voicing her opinion surrounding the new hospital restrictions:

'So now due to COVID-19, there are some hospitals in New York City that are not allowing mothers to have their significant others in the room while they're delivering. That means mothers will not have a support system while delivering their child.'

'I understand that hospitals have to protect their staff, they have to protect the patients, the mothers, the children and everyone else, but I really believe mothers need to have a support system, even if it's just one face they know and they trust'

The model gave birth to her son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin in January.

Do you agree with Ashley?


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I’m due at the end of May so this is obviously something I’m thinking about a lot. Also my husband is a doctor so even though he doesn’t deal with COVID patients directly he still works in a hospital that has them, and he could be exposed. That means he would have to isolate from me, or not attend the delivery if it overlapped. I’m trying to be pretty stiff upper lip about it because that’s just my nature, but I’m sure my privilege of being white, delivering in a good hospital with good insurance and being healthy/low risk (other than my age) is a big part of it too.
Hope everything goes well for you and your beautiful baby in May!
Thank you!
Wishing you a calm and safe delivery! <3


1 week ago

Good luck! Excited for you to snuggle with the bb


1 week ago

There are plenty of reasons I chose not to be a mother, so I don't have an opinion on this.

I can't stand Ashley though, easily one of the most annoying, obnoxiously fake judges on ANTM and that's saying something.
my SIL gave birth last month and her husband had to step in when her c section anesthesia wore off and they didn’t listen to her screaming. and this was to a white woman, in the best maternity hospital in nyc. woc NEED a partner there. sorry.
that's terrifying, I can't believe they would just let her scream until her husband stepped in . my worst fear is waking up too early during anesthesia
I had a similar experience too. When the anesthesia wore off, I was completely out of it and in a lot of pain and no one but my husband took me seriously. It was the worst feeling ever
I do agree. I'd be terrified to go through that without my partner. (Yeesh, I'm remembering how I was crowded around my friend's hospital bed with five other people to watch her give birth. That was years ago. Those were the days.~~~)
Most women in my country seem to do it just fine without their significant other there. But Again, I have never been pregnant and I don't know what a pregnant woman is going through at that time.
My SIL literally just laid there and goofed off on her fb app the whole time. It was the most bizarre thing I'd ever seen. god bless epidurals I guess.
she's absolutely not wrong and anyone who's trying to "prioritize the health of hospital workers" over a woman literally giving birth make me sick. there are ways to make sure this is safe and hygienic for everyone involved.

a woman needs a person of support outside of hospital staff. this is so fucking cruel.
mte like i dont get why one trumps the other in this instance.
it's really bizarre and upsetting
It's obviously not even close to the real thing but could they bring in an iPad or something so that at least they have someone they know who can talk to them?
agree, espwhen it comes to black women.
I think that new rule is completely unfair. I just gave birth 3 weeks ago via a c-section and my husband was such a huge help as I was recovering directly after. If he, or someone I trusted, wasn’t there I don’t know how I would have handled the first 24 hours. I couldn’t imagine mothers that have complications not being able to have someone there with them.

It also isn’t fair to rely on already over worked nurses to help with every aspect after delivery. The nurses are an amazing, amazing help, but they cannot be responsible for changing every diaper while a mother is trying to in some cases, literally get back on their feet.
I always found awful that women in our free hospitals couldn´t bring someone with them inside the delivery area (it's too small and open rooms, not individual rooms like it should be). Women are held and treated like animals, one of the reasons I never wanted to become a GYN-OBS, the way they treat them is... ugh.

I understand the measures, they make sense if you work in a hospital full of people and with lack of resources, but it's hard.
I'm due in June and this is something I've been stressing out about big time - I have read so many stories (including my own personal experiences with family members) where having a support person to advocate and/or alert the nurses saved the patient's life (or prevented something catastrophic happening). I can't handle the idea of being completely alone during the most terrifying, vulnerable time in my life besides overworked strangers PLUS my newborn potentially being forcibly separated from me. Hoping it gets better before I deliver but preparing for the worst (traumatic birth + likely PTSD/PPD + who knows).


March 25 2020, 23:28:08 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 25 2020, 23:29:57 UTC

I’m sending you lots of good vibes bb.

this post has me reading articles about medical racism and how doulas are helping to mitigate that so I deff see how having an advocate is important.

I hope things calm down by June and you’re able to have as little stress as possible** during your pregnancy with your support system there with you <3
Thank you so much 💖💖💖 I really appreciate your kind words! I'm desperately hoping it will have calmed down (at least a bit) by then!


March 25 2020, 18:34:04 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 25 2020, 19:15:02 UTC

Some have strict rules that nobody can be in the waiting room (extra family/friends) and the person there has to remain with the pregnant woman, they can not leave and come back. I also read some hospitals are making the support person leave after birth, they cannot hang around after and are not allowed in the NICU etc...

It is nice to have someone there, but given the situation in NY (where they are running out of hospital beds) I can see why they feel only the patient needs to be there.
I can't speak on what it's like to go through this, but I'm sure it's such a shitty and awful feeling.

My coworker just gave birth Monday morning after weeks of stressing about this + having a coronavirus scare in our office. Luckily, she was able to have her husband in the room with her. I can't even imagine being pregnant or having kids during this time.
I agree with her. Childbirth is exhausting and if the labor is long, you tend to feel like you're being a burden and you don't speak up for yourself if medical staff is being aggressive. Having someone there makes a HUGE difference
I guess it's that risk of mom being negative for it while birthing partner has it and is asymptomatic, but at the same time it does just seem really harsh.

Lord this whole thing is shitty.
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