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Ashley Graham disagrees with new COVID-19 measures on birth in hospitals

-There have been some hospitals recently who have not been allowing women to have their partners in the room with them due to COVID-19.

-Supermodel Ashley Graham posted a video on her Instagram voicing her opinion surrounding the new hospital restrictions:

'So now due to COVID-19, there are some hospitals in New York City that are not allowing mothers to have their significant others in the room while they're delivering. That means mothers will not have a support system while delivering their child.'

'I understand that hospitals have to protect their staff, they have to protect the patients, the mothers, the children and everyone else, but I really believe mothers need to have a support system, even if it's just one face they know and they trust'

The model gave birth to her son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin in January.

Do you agree with Ashley?


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she’s right. birth isn’t a solitary activity. i understand the doctors and nurses will be there to help with delivery, but having just one other person there as a source of support is vital for the health of both mother and baby.
I agree. A lot of these comments are disturbing, but goes along with the child-loathing on here...


March 25 2020, 16:54:28 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 25 2020, 16:54:41 UTC

It's kinda creepy lol, like I never wanna have kids but that line of thinking would never cross my mind...


1 week ago

its just misogyny tbh
I don't like kids. don't want kids and still think people here do far too much.
Whatever the mom has the dad will also. They live together!
Lol. Not all parents live together.

Listen couples who separate completely during a pregnancy are a tiny minority. That would be a shitty dad-to-be to not even check in on the woman carrying their baby.
Imagine if you can give birth thru Skype
this is happening in the uk too. visitors are banned from the whole hospital, we've got to keep people as safe as possible.
Nah she's right here, there's a million other healthcare risks that come with childbirth. It's important that during this crisis we also don't overlook non-COVID health burdens, and the US in particular is awful with maternal/neonatal health. Just one person should be worth absorbing the risk. Perhaps add a self-quarantine guideline for that support person based around due dates or smth to reduce the risk.
+1, plus the mental health risks, childbirth can be incredibly traumatic

mental health in general is severely neglected right now - i understand why, the physical health needs are far more pressing, but we're likely to see upticks in ptsd cases when this is all over, this entire situation is unbelievably traumatic and the west already has horrible mental health treatment
+1, 100%

Labour and delivery were by far the most terrifying time of my existence and my husband bowled me over by how calm he was throughout. He was an effin superstar during the actual delivery and right after, and I'm eternally grateful that he was there. It's such a mentally harrowing experience and any support person there is more than worth it imo.

Also just wanna say I envy the ease with which she's nursing, sigh.
this- have the spouse self-isolate or get tested before being in the room and make sure he's wearing full protective gear
the tests take like a week though, what do you do if people are having unscheduled births?


1 week ago


1 week ago

That would be fine if we had extra tests and PPE to go around, but it’s not feasible when there are so few tests/PPE to go around that hospitals are refusing to test anyone unless they are sick enough to be admitted and healthcare providers are be threatened by hospital admin if they refuse to care for COVID-19 pts without proper PPE.


1 week ago

I disagree too. It’s inhumane. I hope everyone who can is able to transfer or do a in home birth. As a black woman, no way in hell I’d give birth without my companion of choice and instead be left to the mercy of the racist healthcare system.
Yeah my friends' husbands aren't allowed in their OB appointments in MD now and they are indignant about it.

Wanted to point out their husbands were useless tools anyway but I didn't think it'd go over well.
Sadly I’m seeing a sentiment similar to your last comment on some of my online pregnancy groups (I’m due in May). Some women are saying that their husbands haven’t really been supportive during their pregnancy or previous deliveries so it’s not a big loss, which is so sad to hear.
Yeah unfortunately that's common, either men don't feel like they need to be a part of this process (wrong) or they don't know how (just ask).

My kneejerk comment was mainly due to my one pregnant friend's husband not taking COVID seriously at all and it's driving me absolutely insane.


March 25 2020, 16:36:39 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  March 25 2020, 16:38:36 UTC

She's right. Pregnant women deserve to be prioritized during childbirth. Not allowing them to have a single support person with them during birth is cruel.

It always come down to putting the mom's needs behind everything else in America.

ETA, it also worries me that this could push some moms to try a home birth with a (likely under qualified) midwife, even if it's not a good idea for them. This is very irresponsible for hospitals to be doing this.
not sure why you needed to add the jab at midwives
Because there is no universal qualifications for CMs/CPMs, it's determined state by state. And some states have little to no regulation on these types of midwives. There's nothing wrong with using a CNM, my point is someone might feel the need to have a home birth so that they aren't alone during birth, which could lead them to using a CM/CPM that isn't qualified enough to assess if someone is even a good candidate for giving birth outside a hospital.
people here are very weird about home births. i know you can have midwives/doulas for hospital births too (and i would strongly suggest it!!!!) but i think they are mostly, and erroneously, associated with woo woo granola, i’m going to birth my child in a meadow out back mentality lol. instead of, you know, hey, women are routinely abused and left to die in hospital rooms after birth, the maternal mortality rate in the US is absolutely terrifying, midwives and home births are a personal choice made in the face of all of the above, and literally a life saving resource for many many black pregnant women especially.


1 week ago

Giving birth without a loved one there sounds terrifying. :(
If you haven’t given birth it’s really not something you can imagine but idk how I would’ve made it through without my husband. It’s hard to vocalize the amount of pain you’re in and sometimes the nurses can make you feel like the pain is normal even if you feel it’s not. The nurses aren’t in your room for the majority of the time, so you’re just supposed to be alone through all that pain?
This is honestly really cruel for other reason. What if the partner is living in a country where they aren't fluent in the language and need an advocate? Imagine going into labor and not knowing what the doctors are about to do, or consenting to whatever they push. The act of childbirth is already traumatic. Now imagine not being able to communicate with staff in important times. You can learn phrases, but that doesn't help if the birth takes 18 hours and you're fatigued by then so you don't remember everything like in the beginning.
I know it's not a perfect solution, but having a birthing plan ready and in your hospital bag should be something every pregnant woman should do.

During my delivery there were some complications and they were about to use forceps to pull baby out. I was way too scared/exhausted to argue or be comprehensive but one of the nurses there stopped the other one (who was already getting the equipment) because she had read my birth plan where I'd written that if anything happens I want other safe methods to be used before forceps. I'm so glad I had one.
Right, but the problem is if an emergency, how do you have someone making sure the birthing plan is followed? How often do we hear about women being pushed against their will or ignored when something comes up? That's why you need an advocate in the room if you don't speak the language. It's another barrier to that.
In that case, you'd likely have a medical interpreter with you that would be assigned by the healthcare facility, as having an interpreter is a right in the US (because nobody can be discriminated against on the basis of language or national origin... or so the law says). Having an untrained person acting as interpreter isn't a good solution, because medical interpreting is a hard job, a layperson could not know medical vocabulary, could omit information, could have personal biases... I'm not saying the partner shouldn't be there, I think they should, but language advocacy should definitely NOT fall on a patient's family member.


1 week ago


1 week ago

If it is the best medical chance of having baby and mom stay healthy and keeping the staff healthy to be able to keep working... Let's just go with that.
What if someone has a doula?
Nope they're not allowed in the room either. Some doulas are planning to skype/facetime with their patients. And some hospitals its one support person, so its either the partner or the doula the mother has to choose.
OMG, this has me feeling aggro
I thought they were if they were the one support person in most still? Obviously you can only have 1 person in the delivery room with you, but I thought you could choose your s/o, mother, or doula, etc...? You cannot have 2-3 people at the hospital with you, just one.
That sounds really scary and upsetting to be alone, I wouldn't want to go through that solo. That being said, anything to cut down the chances of spreading this disease is worth taking, I'm sorry. If two people in the hospital have COVID-19, that's double the amount of viruses being shed and a higher chance of spreading it to other patients, and more importantly, the medical staff. what happens to all the pregnant women tomorrow, in a week, in two weeks, who need obstetricians, labor and delivery nurses, pediatric staff on hand for their delivery and half the staff there is out due to COVID-19? that's putting their lives at risk. This is a horrible time for a lot of people and a lot of sacrifices are being made and this is one of them. More people is more risk, anyway you cut it - clearly we can't eliminate the risk of mom being sick and spreading it, but we can cut down on a partner's risk.
Pregnancy and childbirth is an incredibly dangerous time for a woman, emotionally and physically. Women who are literally dying and begging for help post-childbirth are ignored, let alone the other horrific things that happen without/against their consent.

I know in my heart I would flat out lose it if I wasn't allowed to have my wife with me. The last thing I'd need while pushing a human out of my body would be a mental breakdown.
Yeah, this is just wrong. It’s going to cause so much trauma.
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