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Woody Allen claims Timothée Chalamet denounced him to increase Oscar chances

Woody Allen writes in his new memoir about Timothée Chalamet :
“All the three leads in ‘Rainy Day’ were excellent and a pleasure to work with. Timothée afterward publicly stated he regretted working with me and was giving the money to charity, but he swore to my sister he needed to do that as he was up for an Oscar for ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ and he and his agent felt he had a better chance of winning if he denounced me, so he did. Anyhow, I didn’t regret working with him and I’m not giving any of my money back.”

About other actors who denounced him, Allen writes in the book :
“The fact these actors and actresses never looked into the details of the case (they couldn’t have and come to their conclusion with such certainty) did not stop them from speaking out publicly with dogged conviction. Some said it was now their policy to always believe the woman. I would hope most thinking people reject such simple-mindedness.”

About the people who have spoken out in his defense :
“More people should have said, I really don’t know all the facts so I have to withhold my judgment. God forbid anyone should say, ‘This accusation has been thoroughly investigated and found to be untrue,' but thanks to all, because it was very nice of them to speak out, and I assure them it’s not something they will ever be embarrassed having done.”

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"Some said it was now their policy to always believe the woman. I would hope most thinking people reject such simple-mindedness.”

Oh fuck off. 🙄
“Some said it was now their policy to always believe the woman. I would hope most thinking people reject such simple-mindedness.”

🤬🤬🤬 Do the world a kindness and just drop dead Woody.

What other facts are there to know? Seriously

If this was said about Selena this post would look a lot different. Not even in this post are people dragging Timmy. Why is Timmy talking to Woody's sister? Is she in the industry too? I know Timmy is a product of nepotism and his granddad was a friend and colleague of Woody but what's the connection to the sister?
I was just about to make the same comment...

If Woody had said the same thing about Selena or one of the other women who worked with him, people would have their pitchforks out, but it’s Timothée, so people are not only making excuses for him but somehow stanning him harder? Gross but not surprising.

As for the sister, she produces Woody Allen’s films including A Rainy Day in New York.
I agree
Yup. Can’t say I’m surprised tho.
he needs to go to the light
Didn't realize Timmy had so many fangirls on here.

If this was about a woman then the pitch forks would be out.
This post is bizarre as fuck.
right. I'm also responding to your response to me. I can't rn. I don't keep up with him so I didn't know but whew. This post should be used in all future posts about how much this place turns a blind eye to white dudes.
I mean... duh? He was doing cover stories where he gushed about working with Woody and only came out and denounced him in 3 months after Weinstein was officially exposed and like 3 or so weeks before the Oscars around mid to late January.

Do I think he has evolved to the point where he finally realizes what a fucked up POS Woody is? Yes. Both things can be true.
The huge pass this little shit gets here is infuriating. You can't go to any Selena Gomez post without people rightfully calling her out for working with this pedophile, but it's never brought up in TC posts. Wonder why...
Shut the fuck up and die already challenge
The scumbag is not wrong, but Tommy Chimichangas never "denounced" him? he would never have worked with him if he actually gave a shit about his victims in the first place, he just thought he could get away with it and after it backfired he was asked several times about it and refused to answer and then donated his salary as an empty gesture out of peer pressure to protect his public image, like the social climber he is.
Also, lol at this kid stans who were all up in arms defendig him when he worked with this piece of shit because "there weren't actually enough proof" against WA, now calling him a pedophile for criticizing their fave. So fucking transparent.
He's right. None of the actors that said they regretted working with him would've cared if Me Too hadn't happened.
timmy is a piece of shit who just wants to win awards

and woody is well overdue for death, everything about this post is depressing
You guys really give that white boy too much credit
That feel when the worst person says something you can’t disagree with. Ugh. I guess in the end Woody Allen does have a singular honest bone in his body and if he wants to use it to call Bland White Boy#27 out for being a shill for an award then so be it.

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