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Cardi B and Idris Elba argue over the coronavirus


Cardi said it was suspicious that so many celebs with mild symptoms get a test and test positive and Idris told her to stop with her conspiracy theories

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whew these posts

Cardi did ask if celebs are getting paid on ANOTHER live. Then joked that maybe she should get paid
The video did bring important points about how confusing it is for the public when celebs who have no symptoms or just maybe interacted with someone can get tested yet others cannot not (those who are not famous, rich, etc). Anyways, I watched it and she is in the right here. Maybe her delivery is off-putting (which in some ways is elitist in itself but that's another convo) but yeah. She's not wrong.
i think cardi is generally pretty smart and savvy, but people don't really acknowledge it because she has been messy in the past and her delivery and manner of speaking keep her from being taken seriously in that way
I love cardi's delivery tbh. People keep being suprised by her takes but she's been consistent on a lot of social issues
she is but people would rather believe Taylor Swift or some other dumbass white person


1 week ago


1 week ago

Thank you. People are definitely misinterpreting what she’s been trying to say and it’s frustrating because she’s right and this is the kind of cultural dialogue we need about the class war right now
She is right. We regulars will be dead before we get a test. Trust me the shortage of tests isn’t going to be the problem soon, it’s going to be a shortage of nasopharyngeal swabs to collect your specimen. We’re truly fucked in America.
Can I ask an off topic question (I can delete it if not ok)? What are some of your suggestions for how to be supportive of a very dear friend who happens to be an infectious disease MD in NYC right now? I live across the country so I try to text her uplifting things but it's awkward asking "how was your day?" when I'm sitting at home doing my crafts... i tried ordering her N95 masks, but who knows if they'll arrive. I was thinking of sending her husband some money for take out, or maybe sending her gas money (she's having to drive during all this). her last text to me was "get ready" :(
I'd keep checking in with her and her husband, offer to send food, and just tell her if she needs to talk you're there. Not much else you can do. Difficult times, man.
I think anything to do with food/meal prep would be really helpful. it's just one less thing she'd have to worry about. you can try to get her a subscription for a meal delivery service, or a gift card to her favorite to-go restaurant.

also if you're into sewing, you can try making some DIY face masks for her. they're obviously not nearly as effective as N95 masks, but hospitals are getting desperate and they're certainly better than doctors and nurses being forced to use their own scarves as last resort. there are some easy patterns online if you look around.

sending best wishes to your friend <3 she's a hero during these times, I hope she stays safe.
I don't see what's wrong with asking for a test. It's not the celebs' fault they're being prioritized - if I was them, I would absolutely want to be tested if I knew I came into contact with someone who was sick. The bigger scandal there is the fact that some people are being prioritized at all since there's not enough tests. The idea that "some ppl should deny testing bc there's sicker people out there who need it" has literally gotten people killed and is symptomatic to a much bigger issue. Focusing on Idris Elba getting a test is just, idk, tree in the forest kind of a thing.
“Test shaming”?!?! Test shaming. They’re really trying to create some type of ~poor me, label~ about their privilege in this situation lmaooo omfg.
“Test shaming” lmfao shut the fuck up Idris you’re just mad that you can’t go out and cheat on your wife right now
She never even specifically mentioned him in her original comment so idk why he felt the need to speak out and tbh everything she said is what we are all saying so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Idris, darling, just look good and shut the fuck up
everyone who is currently working to fight this shit and keep us alive are the ones who should be able to get tested first, from every level and any field from researcher to grocery store employee

entertainers.. stay your mf ass at (your big ass) home and donate some coins periodt
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