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Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

He has mild symptoms and is 'in good health'. Camilla has tested negative.

source: twitter

Tags: british celebrities, covid-19, royalty / royal family
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So how is the British media going to pin this on Meghan?
Probably say she's stopping Harry from seeing Charles or something.
death bed. can't see his son and grand son.
they already did! something about her stressing him into a weaked immune system? i forget the exact words. i am p sure it was (quelle surprise) piers morgan
I get why people are mad that someone like him with mild symptoms can get tested and other people with more severe ones can't, but I think it's a good idea to be testing people like him who've had abundant contact with the public and could have been a vector the whole time. If he tests positive then anyone who's been in contact with him knows they could be at risk. The problem isn't that he was tested, it's that other people aren't being tested, but imo someone like him still should be one of the higher priorities.
He probably only got tested because he was near someone else who has it.
Regular people still can't get tested. even then
Yes I know
I fucking swear to god it feels like we're living in an alternate reality or a simulation. Between the quarantine, the eventual collapse of the world economy and Brazil's president being a lunatic, nothing feels real.
ikr. sigh.
Don't get me started on that guy. I am so happy Brazil is a federation rn. Our governor was just being "cool story bro, things here will remain shut" about the whole speech lol
i'm so scared for my grandparents in brazil :(
Why did I read this headline and immediately let out a low chuckle? Lmao fuck off Charles
Always a bridesmaid and never the bride.

quick someone lock him in a room with andrew
Poor Charles, I don't want him to die. I want the monarchy to be abolished first.
Yay! Down with the monarchy!
So if he dies, that puts William next in line...
So he's not in hospital... but he gets tested. I was under the impression we were only testing patients in hospital with symptoms and frontline staff. How'd you fucking get a test then, Charlie boy? I don't give a shit about his age, if my Dad, who is the same age as Charles, gets symptoms while he's stuck at home I'm gonna knock down the door of the nearest hospital and force them to test my Dad.

This shit makes me so angry. I mean I KNEW we lived in a deeply unequal society, yet I'm still unpleasantly surprised at how shitty this country is.

Also, Boris, if your party hadn't cut 22,000 nursing posts over the last 10 years, maybe things wouldn't be QUITE so dire.

Fuck, I'm mad.
tests are scarce in ireland, they upped it to 2 symptoms instead of 1 to ration them out
100% sure that Queen Elizabeth made sure he’d get it.
So instead of staying in situ, he dragged his infected arse up to Scotland.

If he needs intensive care they better bounce him back down South.

Royal prick!
I'm gonna laugh if Meghan ends up being the Queen or Consort or whatever the title is.
My favorite prince Charles take from Twitter:
Tampon roleplay with Camilla
He's shaking hands/making smalltalk with his pot plants
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