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The View: Joe Biden, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Sara


More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Panel talks new normal, crazy times, people being creative to connect on social media apps. Listening to live readings of children’s books. Sara hasn’t been invited to adult happy hours while Sunny has so many she has to turn some down. Whoopi is trying to avoid information overload.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Fascist T45 and TX Lt Gov are promoting the N’azi mantra that the elderly, disabled, and disabled are disposable. We live in hell, these people are trash. T45 likens it to car crashes [because people who observe the aftermath of a car crash are then infected with car crasheritis]. Panel talks insanity, discusses economic pitfalls, tests, healthcare priorities. Sunny has a rant, thought what Lt Gov said was despicable and disgusting. T45 wants people back at work because a-he's a narcissist who needs the Klan rallies to stroke his ego, b-his own trash properties are losing money, and c-plus he knows it will hurt him politically. And Donald Dum Dum ignores that younger people are sick, and capable of infecting others. Rand Paul got tested but didn’t self-isolate until his results came back, and now he’s infected. Completely reckless behavior. Sunny reads a legal note which is a complete sh’t excuse and takes no responsibility at all.

Hot Topic Joe Biden

Biden has ~mathematically secured the nomination. Whoopi asks how he’s handling the self-isolation. JB says they set up a mini-studio from his home so he can communicate with media. He has daily briefings with his medical experts, then has briefings with his economic team, talks to congressional leaders, and has a fair number of news show by satellite like this one. Whoopi wants to know the one thing he’s most concerned about. JB says the misinformation. We should be listen to the doctors and the medical experts, like Dr Fauci. Says Jill is upstairs on the phone with a woman with their cancer institute, to work out how to stay in touch and buoy there spirits, and also make sure there are ways for people to still get their medication and treatment. Tells another personal anecdote story. Sara asks about T45 remarks. JB says things. Emphasizes we have to flatten the curve. Should be focused on getting help for testing, getting the PPE for first responders, hospital workers, talks about map where there are areas with no ICU units. We should be acting with urgency. Sunny says JB is doing daily briefings from his house, yesterday hit 3.5M views so far, to counter propaganda from T45 daily lie-fests. JB says a Potus should be instilling confidence but his lies keep eroding that. Talks about how we knew this from January, things JB has said or written op-eds to re-focus how we should be proceeding. Says more things. Tells stories that people who have his number from whenever ago that are calling him in a panic. JB says that he’s in touch with people in the Senate and thinks they're close to a final deal.

Whoopi asks what are the 3 things he’d do right now if he were Potus re/economy. 1-(already done)House moved to get necessary resources to deal with medical side of the equation, 2-first hit to rush monies to people and small businesses, and 3-longer term proposal re/stimulus spending. Compares back to financial crisis when Obama-Biden admin took office [after Bush43 bailed out Big Banks]. Talks about his work during that time, who he was in touch with, being transparent for how money would be spent. Gives props to NY Cuomo, says OH Mike Dewine is also doing a good job. But we need to take care of the person at home scared to death who is laid off and worrying about bills. Believes there should be a freeze on mortgage and utilities. Was informed a few mins before show that Senate deal is getting there, won’t be perfect but a good first step. Says more reassuring things, and repeats we should be listening to medical experts. Sunny asks about people who are politicizing the issue. JB says he’s trying to take approach that he doesn’t criticize the Potus directly but talks about how we need to fact-check and get good info to people confused on all the mixed message. Talks about DPA, which T45 keeps talking about, but not taking action.

Sara asks about him joining @dnice virtual dj set last weekend. JB says Symone Sanders tipped him off. Sara asks about campaigning in this environment. JB says virtual may reach more people than local events. He prefers meeting people in person, but with new technology available, he’ll be able to make his case. Talks about elections during 1918 Pandemic, WWII, etc, we can do both, we can figure it out. Whoopi talks about his evolution of the primaries. JB talks about his mindset over the sequence of caucuses and primaries. Thought he’d do well in SC, then Super Tuesday, highlights voter turnout in a lot of states. Feels good for future primaries. Bad news and good new is people [already] know me -laughs. Sara brings up Bernie and how long he stayed in race in 2016. JB says they haven’t spoken directly but says their staff people have had discussions. JB says it’s up to Bernie to make his decisions in his own time. Hopes that no matter what happens, that we stay together instead of what happened last election. JB likes him and they get along, talks about his supporters, talks about EW and adopting some of her initiatives, and one of Bernie’s initiatives. Goes into more policy topics.

Whoopi brings up female VP, she’s turned it down -joke. Asks if there is a shortlist. JB says there’s a shortlist of 12-15 and will start vetting people but won’t name any now. Brings up his relationship as VP-Potus, they were in agreement strategically and they were open and honest but circumspect, so JB says if he becomes the nominee, that he picks someone who he can have that same relationship with policy-wise and personally. Sunny asks about black woman for SCOTUS. Whoopi turned that down too -joke. JB says there are at least 4 women fully capable and would be great additions to the court. Brings up Sotomayer and Kagan and RBG. Says he wasn’t being solicitous, that he believes it matters to have a black woman on the court.

Ontd in election news the primary for Georgia was scheduled for today but was postponed to 19 May

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