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ONTD ORIGINAL: Celebrities Acting Tone Deaf

COVID-19 has brought out the best in some celebs and the worst in others (see here)...the worst being pretty tone deaf and ignorant. But it's not the first time and won't be the last.

Micha Barton making an Instagram post about the senseless killing of Alton Sterling...from on her yacht.

When will your faves? Hopefully never. ONTD Post

Celebrities gathering to sing 'Imagine' to the masses of people possibly losing their income, health, and homes:

Amy Adams just joins social media and this is what she does? Sis. ONTD Post.

Gwenyth Paltrow

Need I say more?

Mark Ruffalo is Glad We're Having this Conversation

Is he still learning? ONTD Post

Ansel Elgort's singing.

Just tuneless.

Jared Leto

From going going "Wait, there's a global pandemic happening? Didn't know. Running a cult." to being a generally terrible person on the set of "Suicide Squad" to become the most hated Joker on the silver screen. Tasteless. on multiple levels.

This Influencer Who Believes that Money is a Form of Spiritual Exchange, and if you have a Positive mindset toward it, you won't be broke.

She deleted comments that challenged her viewpoints. ONTD Post.

There were some I wanted to add but simply could find no trace of them. Mainly, Rihanna's 'rihflect' about 9/11. I know you have more, so post them.

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