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PETA: “Is it ethical to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a vegan?”

Choice highlights include:
Is fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons vegan? “This is a biggie. Fishing isn’t vegan! You shouldn’t fish in real life, so you shouldn’t fish in the game!”

“It’s disappointing that a game that has villagers from all different species (from elephants and ducks to deer and pigs) living and coexisting harmoniously with humans – yet fish and bugs are left out of that. Instead of being recognized as the living, breathing, feeling individuals that they are, fish and bugs are disregarded as forms of entertainment for the other villagers. Your island should be a safe space for all animals, big and small.”

Is Tom Nook Exploiting you? “Tom Nook is a tanooki, a racoon dog. Racoon dogs are often killed their fur. Tom Nook’s family may have been beaten, anally electrocuted to death, gassed, or skinned alive. Cut him some slack.”

Things you shouldn’t do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons according to PETA and this guide: NO bug catching, NO digging up clams, leave hermit crabs alone, DO NOT build a dog house, only eat fruits and more. Basically don’t do anything.

Read the full article and more ridiculous ways to be a vegan in AC at the source. Or ya know, don’t.

Tags: computer / video games, peta / animal rights, who asked for this

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