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🥊 Battle of the Brits - It's the actual FINALS! voting ends 3/25!

Me oh my, what a fun time this has been. It legitimately, constantly came down to the wire.

In what turned out to be a foregone conclusion, at least we know that Gugu Mbatha-Raw is ONTD's favorite non-white British person!

But WHO won the closest battle so far between Maggie and Julie? Well...

At one point, Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Julie Andrews were tied! Then one was ahead by one vote! Then the other! But, after a long hard fight, [WINNER] emerged victorious.

Why did I not fill in the blank? Well...when 1 PM hit, they were tied. Seriously. So, uh, ok. Now we have the three way finals.

As stated, Dame Emma Thompson takes her final round against Gugu. TIL that Orange Menace asked her out once????

She did. By rejecting him.

🤔 FAQ 🤔:
Q: "Why are there three people in the finals?"
A: Because there was a tie between two in the same bracket.

Poll #2100117 Well this throws my bracket out of whack
This poll is closed.

Pick one

Dame Emma Thompson
Dame Maggie Smith
Dame Julie Andrews

You get a little more time for this one: Until 12:30 PM CST, March 25th.

src: Your inability to break a tie.
Tags: british celebrities
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