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Bookshelf Etiquette Post: Padma Lakshmi Says Arranging Books by Color Makes Things More Difficult

Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi shared her thoughts on bookshelf etiquette. “Unpopular opinion: arranging your books by color makes it unnecessarily harder to find the one you’re looking for,” she wrote. “But I support any efforts to make your space more cozy/visually appealing as we’re all gonna be here for a while,” she continued.

Lakshmi wrapped up her tweets with, “The cleanliness, organization and aesthetics of our living spaces affects our mental health much more than we think!” Most replies agreed with the Top Chef judge and author. “Not so much unpopular as correct. Anyone arranging by color doesn’t actually read their books, says I,” wrote one Twitter response.

“Alphabetical by author, chronological by release is the only acceptable answer here...same for your CD's/LP or by title for movies,” replied another online user. Someone else responded with, “Alpha by author, chronological within author! What maniac is sorting by color?!”

Tags: books / authors, celebrity social media, discussion, food network / cooking show stars, slow news day, top chef (bravo)

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