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The View: Hot Topics

Whoopi and Joy by Skype, Sunny, Sara



More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Meghan is pregnant, she’ll join by Skype eventually. Joy gives a comedic update of her self isolation. Sara’s kids are ages 4, 2, and less than 1. Tells kid drama story. Sunny did a virtual happy hour by Zoom, a Netflix party and they watched a movie. Another one, they drank and talked about whatever. She also did @dnice club quarantine on Insta [it was rad, you should check it out next week if he does it again]. Sunny is a glass as half full person, Sara says her glass is half full with wine. Sunny says her husband comes home and has to strip off his clothes. Whoopi is chilling. Looking into her other work obligations. Toss your toothbrush and start new. Panel struggles with audio delays using Skype. Future travel talk, they planned on trips during show break in April. Those are cancelled now.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Every press conference is worse than the last. Rahm Emanuel joins as co-host to talk about WH handling vs state level handling. Public health based on separation, where economy is based on integration. T45 is stupid and can’t navigate this crisis appropriately. Gives more details, he’s been leading from behind. People deserve to know the truth and can handle the truth. Joy reminds FDR said during WWII to Ford, to stop making cars and to start making war planes, he understood the severity of the situations. Why is T45 dragging his feet on DPA. RE also brings up Lincoln and how he handled the end of the Civil War bringing people back together. RE talks about investing in our future, re/public health and infrastructure (some kids can go online and learn, others don’t have access). T45 bragged about enacting the DPA but then not enact it by taking charge of production for PPE. Sara wonders about politicians putting economy above public health. RE gives analogy why he’s having to play catchup. Talks about the mental health impacts of not working or being isolated.

Hot Topic Insider Trading on Pandemic

Insider trading off a pandemic. Senators caught dumping stock based on inside information, while simultaneously telling the public the opposite of dire progress of virus. RE says anyone who has investments then goes into public office should put their money in a blind trust so there’s no question of conflict of interest. Senator Burr told private wealthy donors c-virus would be like 1918 flu pandemic, then sold 1.6M in stocks that would be adversely affected by pandemic, then said and wrote how everything was rosy. So Burr didn’t just betray the info for himself, but also let all the other wealthy participants do the same. Burr had the audacity of saying he relied on CNBC [lol]. 3 GOP Senators got caught so they tried to rope Dem Feinstein, but she (a)-wasn’t at the meeting in question and (b)-does have her money in a blind trust like she’s supposed to do.

Hot Topic You’re a Terrible Reporter

NBC reporter asked a softball question any normal human could fake their way through but of course this T45 had a rant on the reporter and the media. RE says journalists are doing their job. Crisis reveal character. T45 has no character because he’s just sh’t. Joy talks about poor Dr Fauci. [these Skype talks are ridiculous].

Plays clip. Dr Fauci meme [loool]. Networks shouldn’t even be broadcasting his 90 mins of disinformation daily. Joy says he can’t do the MAGA rallies anymore so he needs Dear Leader praise to feed his narcissism. Joy also loves Cuomo even though he used to annoy her. Whoopi says how come none of the people in the WH press confs are distant from each other. RE says go ahead and air his conferences, it will reveal to everyone [his inability to handle this crisis[.

Ontd have you already polished off your stash of comfort food?

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