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Sam Heughan gets called out for vacationing in Hawaii during Coronavirus outbreak

The Outlander actor is currently in hot water on social media for vacationing in Hawaii with an alleged escort and adult film star amid a global pandemic. He admitted that he had booked his holiday when PaleyFest was cancelled. When further pressed, he responded with: “Excuse me? Not that I have to explain but let me. I was brought to America for MANY work commitments. I had booked a holiday this week, after over a year of commitments.”

“I’m self isolating / taking care whilst looking to return home, if safe,” he continues. “I hope you’re safe but please unfollow.”

More details here.

Unhinged Tumblr comment:
“For all Sam mommies still paying for his stuff or peakers. This is the porn star with Sam. (Link posted by another on twitter- full credit to owner). So proof there is. Now, How can any decent hard working intelligent woman keep excusing this guy. And excusing his lack of empathy about the pandemic taking this woman on a luxury trip while he preaches, health, help and be kind. DISGUSTING AND MORALLY REPRHENSIBLE. Btw I am all for consenting adults but porn is where I draw the line, there is no other industry more misogynistic and dangerous for women and young girls.”

Sources: 1 | 2
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