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Competitive Marble Racing Is the latest New Fixation for Sports Fans

"Emerged" Marble racing has been around for years. Get with the winning team!

Professional sports leagues may be cancelled bc of Corona-v, and a new-old competitor now has its time in the spotlight - Marble Racing.

The Marble League was founded in 2016 by Jelle and Dion Bakker, who run the wildly successful Jelle's Marble Runs Youtube Channel, where Elijah Daniel does the english commentating;

The Marble League 2020 starts in June, but there are short races (above) that are uploaded about once a week, and a sizable backlog. Check out the Marblelympics!

the annual  competition series features 16 different racing events, with teams earning points based on how they place. To compete, teams, which are made up of five marbles of matching colors and patterns, must race in the qualifiers.

The top three teams from the prior year’s Marble League automatically qualify as does that year’s chosen host team, leaving 12 open spots.

In 2019, the top three teams were the Hazers, the Green Ducks and, in first, the Raspberry Racers.

There's no need to pick a team based upon where you live, but simply on what you like. Pick a group and support them, or just watch the marbles roll!

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