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🎱 Battle of the Brits - The Top 8!

Now with considerably less misspellings of names.

Howdy, folks! Wether you've been knocking boots or licking them,  hope your week is off to a slightly better start than last week.

We're almost done! I had to wait until the VERY last minute to put this up, simply because one vote was too close to call until the very end.

The Dame Runaways include Maggie Smith and Emma Thompson. Sorry, Snape and Paddington.

With a mere separation of 6 votes, Olivia Colman beats Dev Patel. By a mere separation of...more than 6 votes but less than 200, Keira Knightley wins another round against John Boyega.

Nature man Sir David Attenborough .... loses against James McAvoy. Sometimes, it be like that.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw beats Jodie Comer, and Gemma Chan beats Emily Blunt. At least it's not a totally white semi-semi finals.

I have confidence in Julie Andrews...and so do the rest of you, apparently, as she beats Sir Patrick Stewart.

If it makes you feel better, that's all 4 of my top British faves knocked out. To be honest, one didn't even make the top 32. Ah well. Out of this remaining lot, how many do you think had ancestors who were lords or ladies?

Poll #2100054 Now, it gets much much harder
This poll is closed.

Magic vs. Monarchy

Dame Maggie Smith
Olivia Colman

Charm to Spare

Gemma Chan
Julie Andrews

adjective vs. adjective

Dame Emma Thompson
James McAvoy

Do You Know What That's Worth?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Keira Knightly

With so few people, you don't need that much time to vote. You have until 2 PM, March 23rd, CST!. I got to add some more to these later posts.

Any suggestions? I'll probably implement them in the Final 2.

src: Global colonization?

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