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Dark Side of the Ring: Chris Benoit, Part One Up on YouTube

Vice has uploaded part one of the two part season premiere of the new season of its wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring. Its subject is Chris Benoit, who murdered his wife and 7 year old son before committing suicide in 2007.

Some takeaways from part one:

• Benoit's close friendship with fellow wrestler Eddie Guerrero and Guerrero's sudden death appears to be the catalyst for Benoit's final acts. Guerrero's widow Vickie notes how severely depressed and devastated Benoit was and his demeanor appeared to change after the death. Guerrero's nephew was one of the final people Benoit called.

• Wrestling was Benoit's first love, with wrestler Chris Jericho noting "His first job was wrestling, and his last job was wrestling." When Benoit made a mistake in the ring, Jericho found him punishing himself by doing 500 squats. Benoit's wife Nancy eventually wanted him to leave wrestling because everything about it reminded him of Guerrero.

• Benoit was a good husband and father according to family and friends, very present in his kids' lives and rescuing his wife from an abusive marriage. Nancy would later express to Vickie her fear that wrestling was harming Benoit's well being because his demeanor had changed so severely.

• Part two will focus on Benoit's end and the murder-suicide, with Jericho promising there will be no glorifying of Benoit.

Dark Side of the Ring season two premieres March 24 and 25 on Vice.

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