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Taylor & Kanye's Full Phone Call Leaks

  • At the beginning of the call, Kanye reveals the line "She owes me sex" to Taylor.  Later, he also reveals the line "I made her famous."  She finds the first one funny but sounds uneasy about the second.  Around 23 minutes in, she explains that "She owes me sex" sounds like it's throwing shade.

  • Ultimately, Taylor says it doesn't matter to her which line he chooses -- either "she owes me sex" or "Me & Taylor might still have sex." She tells him that it's his call and that he always goes with his gut.

  • Kim didn't like the line "Me & Taylor might still have sex," and Taylor tells him to do what's best for his relationship.

  • Taylor does mention that if Kanye used the word "bitch," it would be mean.

  • Kanye rambles for awhile about how much debt he has.

  • He also mentions that Drake fucks all of his wife's friends.

  • At the very end of the call, Kanye says to the cameraman "We had to get that all the way through," and the cameraman says, "Sorry, the battery on this thing died."  Kanye responds, "If you get some shit like Kanye talking to Taylor Swift explaining that line, there's gotta be three cameras on that.  We can't miss one element."

Tags: kanye west, kardashian / jenner, taylor swift

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