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ONTD Original: The Best Individual Episodes of "Flavor of Love"


R u bored as hell during quarantine? You can watch VH1's classic shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Charm School, and I Love Money FOR FREE online at or on YouTube.

To help you decide where to start, I have granted ONTD the honor of selecting the best episodes of these classic series.

To stat, here is the definitive list of the best individual episodes of "Flavor of Love!"

From Flavor of Love:

"A Friend of Flav's is a Friend of Mine"

This iconic episode includes the classic moment where Hottie insists that she looks like Beyonce and New York reads her to filth for it.


Full episode.

"The Flavor of Chicken"

Ever wonder where I got my username? It's from this episode, where Hottie tries to cook an entire raw chicken in the microwave.


It also has this iconic moment:

Full episode


Flavor Flav's ex, Brigitte Nielsen, interrogates the girls with a lie detector test. Hottie lies her ridiculous ass off, much to the amazement of Brigitte, spawning this popular meme:

giphy (5).gif

Full episode

"Family Flavors"

In this episode, we meet Tiffany "New York" Pollard's crazy, iconic mom, Sister Patterson. Also, this is the famous episode where Pumkin spits on New York.

giphy (3).gif
tenor (1).gif

Full episode

Flavor of Love 2

"Somethin's Stinkin in the House of Flav"

On the very first episode, a drunk woman pooped on Flavor Flav's mansion floor. Yup... pooped right on the damn floor. It is also the episode where Saaphyri beats a woman up for sitting on her bed, then offers her some lip chap.

Full episode

"Jelly on the Telly"

This ep is not very famous, but it's one of the best. Flav holds a hip-hop dance contest among the girls, so they take dance lessons from a dance instructor dressed as a clown. A rumor goes around that Nibblz gave Flav a hand job. The girls break out their best investigative journalistic techniques to deduct who gave Flav the hand job. Toastee lies about being a porn star, only to have Flav expose ha in front of the entire house.

Full episode

Are u going to watch Flavor of Love tonight?


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