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LA Times: “The official Trader Joe’s frozen food power rankings”

LA Times writer Lucas Kwan Peterson is back at it again, this time ranking Trader Joe’s frozen foods. “2020, if you haven’t noticed, isn’t going particularly well,” Peterson writes. “You’re eating at home more. Whether you’re getting takeout from your favorite restaurants or scouring the CVS shelves for beans and hand sanitizer, we’re all eating more meals on the couch.”

“Here are the scientifically proven and totally correct Trader Joe’s Frozen Food Power Rankings, freshly wiped down this morning with the last can of Clorox wipes on earth,” he continues. “I have tried no fewer than 37 different Trader Joe’s frozen food products (Did I omit your favorite? I’m sure I did!), which I have ranked based on two metrics: 1) Taste and 2) Laziness Factor — how easy was the prep and cleanup? (Factors in oven time if that’s recommended. A higher ranking means it’s easier.) As Trader Ming would say, 慢慢吃!”

37. Philly cheesesteak bao buns

26. Chicken chilaquiles rojo

16. Chicken gyoza potstickers

5. Butter chicken with basmati rice

1. Maître Pierre Tarte d’Alsace

Visit the source for the full-length article and entire ranking.

Tags: food / food industry, list, ratings / charts

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