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Digital Drag is the Wave of the Future: Streamable Shows

As we all adjust to the bizarre circumstances we find ourselves living under, drag performers all over the world have brought their shows to the comfort of your own devices.

Pictured: Dragula Season 1 icon Meatball

- Renowned Chicago queen TRex has started hosting live streams with special guests on her Instagram, a substitute for the live shows she hosts in now closed Chicago bars like Berlin Nightclub and Roscoe's
- Dragula S2 Winner Biqtch Puddin is hosting a drag show via Twitch stream featuring international performers like: RPDR's Alaska, Rock M Sakura, Laganja, Dragula's Vander Von Odd, Louisianna Purchase, Landon Cider, Florida Man, Juno Birch and many more
- It's available tonight worldwide, at 7PM PST/10PM EST/find-your-time with a suggested donation of $10, and virtual tip info on screen for participating performers

Show poster and more info here:

- Producer Entertainment Group has announced their own series of shows featuring queens from their roster, including Alaska, Trinity Taylor, Peppermint, Monet X Change, Ginger Minj, Divina DeCampo and more
- They're calling this an "intimate digital concert series" and so tickets are limited to 100/performance
- Tickets are available for $10, with option to tip

Show poster and more info here:

In addition to these larger, high profile events, many local queens and promoters are hosting their own small scale shows.
In MN, event promoter Flip Phone Events is hosting just-for-fun contests, with prompts for looks and lipsyncs, and providing info to tip performers.

It's a wild world we're living in, and understandably everyone is unsure of their future. Please do what you can to support and take care of each other, as well as yourselves

Tags: covid-19, lgbtq / rights, rupaul / drag race

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