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The View: Mayor Francis Suarez, Howie Mandel, Hot Topics

Panel TODAY is Whoopi by Skype, Sunny, Sara Haines, Meghan

I was late submitting YESTERDAY post which you can find here The View: Elizabeth Warren, Hot Topics


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Hot Topic Coronavirus

Whoopi is all in her feelings.

T45 continues to be awful. Plays clip. This dum dum doesn’t know anything about anything. Sara still isn’t looking to politicians for comfort, she looks to doctors and scientists. She felt unified from Biden the other day. She recounts 911 reaction and how that was handled. She wants messages of hope filled with information and fact. Sunny drags T45 in every way. She agrees with Sara’s comments. Drags Jared. Drags Pence [who at least knows how to human even if it’s disingenuous]. Meghan drags T45 behavior and drags Jarvanka but they pick and choose which hat to wear. They’re being tone deaf. Sunny reminds that T45 claimed forever that this was a Democratic hoax.

The metamorphosis, side by side videos, where Fox talks out of both sides of their mouth over time. Panel discusses how dangerous the Fox News propaganda is to their viewers who are also the most vulnerable to this virus. Meghan says other Republicans not just Fox News were saying wash your hands and pray it away [low key dragging Elizabeth Hasselback lol].

Hot Topic Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

He was diagnosed a week ago, very surprised. First elected official, shocked. Relatively symptom free, blessed. Says people shouldn’t panic but follow the guidelines. He was exposed at event where Bolsonaro T45 and Pompeo were present. He was in a room with the sick person for at least one hour. Explains the sequence of events.

Meghan brings up spring break tourists. Mayor says people need to take this seriously, follow the advice. Says they started cancelling events and were criticized but they were already trying to take it seriously. As Mayor he can’t close the beaches but people should respect social distancing and take it seriously. Also take responsibility so first responders and healthcare system aren’t overwhelmed. Sunny asks if he’s considering a shelter in place. He says he’s spoken to SF Mayor and they’re looking at that. Sara asks about his family, being away from them. Mayor says it’s awful. His daughter is under 2 and his son is 6. It’s been awful not being able to hug him. Lots of anxiety. Explains the domino effect for people that may have become exposed before he knew he was positive.

Hot Topic Germaphobe Comedian Howie Mandel

Howie joins by satellite. He’s a comedian so he says a lot of joke-y things. He’s at home in isolation and he’s fine. It’s like a nightmare being in a pandemic state but people should take what’s happening now and apply it to the rest of their life. Expects everything to pull through but shouldn’t go backwards in social interaction due to germs. HM and wife celebrated 40 years of marriage. After 3 days of quarantine, they won’t make it to 41 haha. His wife doesn’t want to touch him because he was around Heidi Klum. Heidi doesn’t have test back yet, but her husband test came back negative. Meghan talks about his daughter’s tweet. In some ways he’s better off because he’s been practicing these guidelines all the time. Says he’s had a hazmat suit on hand, plus masks and gloves. Not hoarding, just his normal belongings. HM has one of those American Standard self washing self drying toilets. HM talks about his standup tour, which had to be cancel-postponed. Talks about how he likes being on the stage. He does comedy for free, what you’re paying for is him leaving his house, staying in hotel, mingling with other humans.

Hot Topic Elderly Denial

Some older people seem oblivious to the seriousness of the virus. Sara says in some cases, parents think their kids overreact to everything so they blow this off too. Sunny says her parents who are same age as Sara’s parents are the exact opposite. Could be related to their frame of reference. Meghan thinks in some cases, people don’t want to admit they’re vulnerable, have to be strong for others, also thinking they’re demographic is being singled out for no reason when that isn’t the case. The virus is coming for everybody. We need to keep bugging them.

Ontd look after yourself. If you're feeling lonely or anxious then reach out to someone by phone or online.

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