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The View: Elizabeth Warren, Hot Topics

Panel for YESTERDAY show was Whoopi by Skype, Sunny, Sara Haines, Meghan


More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Whoopi is still moderating from home rme. Not recapping the repetitive remarks about c-virus. Sara is spending her extra time cooking. Sunny says she’s Gen X and they’re least anxious because they’re sandwiched between taking care of parents and taking care of children [accurate]. She takes it serious but she doesn’t have time to let it get the best of her. Meghan is helping her neighbors but otherwise doesn’t leave the house except for the show. Looking for ways to support other businesses or groups who need help that she can amplify.

More stuff about Dum Dum plus a clip [He needs to stop giving press conferences. That dum dum can’t even read because he refuses to wear glasses, and he never prepares so he can’t wing it]. Panel debates whether it should be called a ~war and legislators who voted against relief bills.

Hot Topic Elizabeth Warren

Senate voted to pass relief bill. EW outlines the details. More bashing T45 for being ridiculous and incompetent. EW explains more things she’s pushing to address gaps in how we’re dealing with this crisis. Talks about importance of supporting our health care professionals.

Sunny asks about cases in Mass, a lot came from an AmGen conference, asks if it’s airborne [Yes]. EW elaborates. Sunny asks if EW would support a lockdown or shelter in place. EW says it should be a recommendation from doctors not politician. Sara asks about primaries and social distancing. Short version EW doesn’t believe in postponing primaries or the general election. We should be voting by mail, and finding other ways for people to vote remotely.

Tulsi Gabbard finally quit (and endorsed Biden). Sunny asks why EW hasn’t announced an endorsement yet. EW says she is focused on this crisis. Bernie needs space to decide what he wants to do next. And he should be given the space to do that. EW goes back to what we’ll do next about covid-19.

[This last clip was pre-empted live by the WH press conference but they continued taping]

Sara asks about tests. More covid-19 talk. No one should push that we don’t want to test but we should make sure it can happen in the safest possible way. Sunny asks about relief bill for major corporations, but not smaller businesses. EW explains her position on who to help and when. Sara pushes the endorsement topic again. EW talks about the hardest part of suspending her campaign. EW was heartened to hear the Vice President say that he thinks it’s time to get a woman somewhere close to the WH as VP and thought it showed on his part that he understands that we are a changing electorate and we are changing what we see as leadership in this country and that we need to take a broader embrace. She also said she was glad that Sanders essentially said he would do it too. Sunny asks if she’d take the [VP] job. EW says no one has asked, it would be presumptuous.

Hot Topic CDC Statistics on Coronavirus

Whoopi says we did a disservice to younger people by saying they weren’t [as much] at risk so they went to Spring Break. Turns out that a high % are age 20-54. All ages impacted. Sara says things, we have to think beyond ourselves. Sunny says some are incapable of showing empathy unless it affects them. Meghan has a rant, she’s ranted about it forever [she has]. Says Shame on You. Sunny hopes this is a wakeup call.

Sorry people, had yesterday show ready then forgot to submit, bloop

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