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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez Continue to Be The Best and Organise Live IG Concert with Andrea Bocelli

Chiara Ferragni, popular italian digital enterpreneur, and husband Fedez, italian rapper, continue to show how celebrities should react during this crisis and hosted a mini concert with Andrea Bocelli on Fedez' live ig.


Italy is facing some really, really horrible time, and to try keep up the moral many people have joined the #affaciatialle18 flashmob, where people go on their balcony and blast the same song (a different one everyday). Fedez, a famous italian rapper (I think he's pretty good, italian ontd don't come at me and my paranoia airlines jumper!) started livestreaming mini concerts on his balcony in Milan. Today's guest was Andrea Bocelli, who sang his famous Con Te Partiro', the Italian national anthem and an Ed Sheeran song -which he performed with his son. You can see his daily mini concerts on his account.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have created a gofundme page (and donated) towards San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. So far they raised over 4mln euros and the hospital is already creating a new intensive care unit. You can see the page, and donate if you can, here Chiara Ferragni is also blasting celebrities who are spreading false information and/or downplay the severity of the virus (ONTD post here)

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Today their super cute son, Leone, turned 2 and had Bocelli wishing him a happy bday. ONTD which celebrity would you like to wish you a happy bday? Who would you like to see doing a live concert from their home? Most importantly, please take care and stay home as much as possible xx
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