Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC (hoot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Charo teaches you how to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic

If you don't follow the LEGEND Charo on Instagram, you've been missing out on some really important wellness advice on preventing coronavirus. She's been posting videos every few days with helpful tips and tricks. Let's review, shall we?

Charo teaches you how to eat well to boost your immune system. She recommends oranges and bananas.

Charo teaches you how to properly wash your hands. She tried "one Missipeepee, two Missipeepee" but thought it was "too many Missipeepee", so she's been doing "uno cuchi-cuchi, dos cuchi-cuchi", etc. Missipeepee or cuchi-cuchi, just count to 20 somehow.

Charo life hack! Run out of toilet paper? Cut paper towel rolls in half. (Note: I do not recommend flushing paper towels down the toilet)

Charo has invented a new greeting you can use to greet all your loved ones. She says whether greeting your baby daddy, your lover, your future lover, it doesn't matter, don't kiss them and use this greeting instead. I'm going to try it out on my neighbors.

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I just felt like we were long overdue for a Charo post idk.
Tags: celebrity social media, covid-19

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