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The View: Amy Klobuchar, Rebecca Jarvis, Hot Topics

Panel today is Sunny, Sara Haines, Dan Abrams (ABC Legal), Meghan


More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Whoopi joins by Skype or whatever. She saw her doctor and was given the all-clear, but then she got afraid today. On top of that, she’s the -main moderator- from home, instead of Sunny doing it from the studio. She overtalks a lot simply due to delay in her feed vs the studio.

I’m not recapping entire coronavirus convos anymore. It’s repetitive, nothing we don’t already know at this point, and not helpful. Anyway, they play a T45 clip and we know what a sh’itshow that is. They should freeze the market every time he gives a press conference. They talk about his racism and blame of China and his lies. China is trying to blame America and he’s a lying bully making things worse. Abrams talks about the left this and that and calling out his racism is a losing argument. Shut up. [Sidebar he’s hot I’d still hit it]. Sarah talks about politicizing. Meghan talks about Chinese doctors sounding the alarm from December and shehasafriend™. More blah di blah about arm-chair pointing fingers at this and that and T45 is always racist.

Hot Topic Amy Klobuchar

Plays clip. Biden says xyz about c-virus. AK supports Biden comments and says what we ‘should’ be doing. AK says typical surrogate things for Biden. DA bring up Sanders announcing today he’ll assess his campaign. AK says nice things about Sanders, says it’s his decision when it’s right for him. Mentions Biden reaching out to Sanders supporters. Sanders will do what he needs to, when he needs to. Meghan moves on to c-virus, which I’m not detailing that topic anymore.

Blah di blah about bill and why hasn’t it moved faster when it passed in House. McConnell adjourned Senate and went home for a Kavanaugh event because of course with the sh’t GOP. AK talks more about the bill and what should be prioritized, plus new tests that would determine if people have immunities and can go back to work or join healthcare help. DA asks if AK supports lockdown in MN but she defers and explains who should make that decision.

Whoopi badly moderating was very evident, in case it was cut from segment, she didn’t know if they were coming back with AK so AK had to let her know that Yes there was more to talk about (eg agreed in advance for her appearance). Rme.

Sara asks about voting impacts, AK talks about all mail in ballots, AK and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) are putting forward legislation to support that. Details other elements of voting process, poll workers, etc. Meghan doesn’t like Bernie supporters, and says his supporters won’t get behind Biden. AK talks about how Sanders might facilitate that and how Biden would reach out and mentions 2018 elections where this that and the other happened. AK says more surrogate things about Biden. Tells story about a friend who lost husband. Then-VP Biden called the friend and gave his number to call him back whenever. Relates how she shares with people who Biden really is. Sunny asks about VP pick, AK says she won’t talk hypotheticals, says there are many qualified women that he could choose.

Hot Topic Rebecca Jarvis on the Economy

Rebecca Jarvis is ABC business, technology, and economics correspondent. Talks about $1000 to citizens. What are the details. Possibly and of April. One time check. Income cut offs for wealthy people. Longer term question is length of disease, plus other factors. Talks about near term and domino effect. Have to think about the whole chain of impact. Business who is owed money, and the people that they employee. Explains payroll tax cut. Whoopi wakes up and asks about mortgage forgiveness. Banks have insurance so they’re taking care of. RJ says Italy is working on that now. Finance companies are stepping in individually offering concessions. If you can make a payment, keep doing it while you can, so that it doesn’t snowball. Cutting interest rates to 0% will also benefit banks into passing that benefit in terms of debt relief (homes, other property, credit cards). Possibly up to 20% unemployment. 30M small businesses scary time. RJ explains what are impacts and relief opportunities for them. [Someone’s cell phone rang while RJ was talking, probably Whoopi from home, not on mute lol]. DA talks about stimulus packages not solving market crash. RJ says this and that. Wall Street knows there are things that can cushion the blow but what happens when the consumer comes back after all this.

Hot Topic People Are Mad at Vanessa Hudgens

See related post here by pepsi_twist9 and another related post here by crazyfirecrotch and another related post here by spoil

Plays clip of original video, her apology video, then panel discusses. She’s 31 she doesn’t get a pass for being young, but at the same time, celebs say dumb things all the time. DA thinks the real problem is the power of celebrities. Everyone is at risk of saying something stupid. But they have a lot of followers. If you don’t want to take the feedback, then don’t be on social media. DA seems grumpy but he’s cute so he should just sit there and look pretty.

Ontd sorry, personal crisis today, better late than never!

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