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Who Were The Seventh & Eighth Contestants To Be Voted Out Of Survivor: Winners At War

The seventh and eighth contestants to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction were...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Parvati and Sandra :(
What the absolute fuck. :/

We got a glimpse of EoE this week (honestly I didn’t even realize we didn’t see it last week). Rob joined the crew so of course we were going to see him there. Tyson figured the clue out, and successfully sold an Idol Nullifier to Parvati.

Back on camp, Adam still wasn’t satisfied because Ben wasn’t talking to him 24/7. Come on kid, can’t you be happy for two seconds? Fortunately for him, his tribe won the Immunity/Reward challenge.

On the Blue tribe, Michele knew it was going to be between her or Parvati, as the guys all seemed super solid. She tried to talk to Wendell (girl wtf, really?) to discuss Fire Tokens, telling him she’ll write his name down so if Parvati does get voted out, she’ll get her token. Wendell didn’t want to talk to her, so instead he ran off to Parvati and tried to make a deal with her. He offered her his vote towards anyone, if she gave him two of her tokens BEFORE the vote. Basically he used Michele’s idea in a more aggressive way. Parvati declined, obviously, and told Nick. Was Wendell always such a rude asshat? I don’t remember him being so abrasive and grating during his season.

At their Tribal, Michele and Wendell’s relationship came up. He got very defensive, and also tried to defend his Token bartering with Parvati. Wendell put his offer on the table again, right in front of Nick and Yul, but Parvati stressed that Wendell wasn’t trustworthy at all. Yul was clearly in the dark about everything.

The votes were read, and the seventh person to be voted out was my beautiful Queen Parvati. :( She tossed her Fire Token into Michele’s bin before heading to EoE.

Well at least Michele’s plan worked :/

On the Red tribe, Tony was off in his not-so-secret bunker, so everyone was careful about what they were saying, and where they were saying it. Sandra was fully honest with Denise and Jeremy, telling them one of them was going. She began having second thoughts, and contemplated if she should give her Idol to Denise. Jeremy wondered if he should use his advantage, where he can leave a Tribal before the votes are cast. Denise also had her own Idol to consider playing.

At Tribal, Jeff asked why everyone doesn’t consider everyone a threat, since they’ve all won. Sandra differentiated between the obvious threats and the not-so-obvious threats. Denise and Jeremy tried to plead their cases, Jeremy being a physical asset, and Denise being a social and loyal asset.

Denise used the Idol Sandra gave her to save herself. She then voted for Sandra. She also used the Idol she herself had to save Jeremy just in case.

The eighth person voted out was Queen Sandra :( She tossed her Fire Token in Yul’s bin before heading to EoE.

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