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Evangeline Lilly won't self-quarantine: "Some people value freedom over their lives"


· In dumb asshole news, Lost star Evangeline Lilly posted on Instagram that she sent her children to gymnastics class and that life for her family is "business as usual," describing covid-19 as "a respiratory flu"
· When asked if her family was quarantining, she said no. After fans turned up in her comments to tell her she's irresponsible, she revealed that she lives with her father, who has stage 4 leukemia and that she herself has a compromised immune system. Her justification is that she values her freedom and that she worries about "Marshall Law," by which she is referring to either Jude Law's nefarious twin brother OR, more likely, martial law
· She also got support from some fans who agree that it's no different than the flu
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source, my screenshots

experts: this is really serious
the dumbest people on earth: i personally feel that's not true, based on jpeg macros i've seen posted by facebook conspiracy theorists, and therefore it's a fact that it's not true
Tags: celebrity social media, covid-19, lost (abc)

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