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The Canadian hockey fight no one saw coming: Bob McKenzie vs. The Hockey News

Background info: The Hockey News is a magazine about the NHL (owned by Graeme Roustan of Roustan Media), and Bob McKenzie is TSN's top hockey insider, privy to trades, free agent signings, etc.

This morning, Bob tweeted that The Hockey News had laid off some staff in light of COVID-19.

Roustan responded that they had only been laid off temporarily, and suggested that McKenzie “clean up or delete your Tweet. Your choice of words is causing mass confusion.” People assumed the magazine had shut down.

McKenzie knew the situation for what it was: A media company not wanting to pay its employees. So he left the original tweet up, and said, “My tweet is not inaccurate.”

Roustan then flocked to The Globe and Mail to present his company in a better light, claiming the layoffs were supposed to be for only a week, and so much has changed since then. "It’s just a wave of data and information coming at me.”

Roustan then tweeted about this "jousting," hence our post. Bob McKenzie remains free of flaws and is probably drinking a margarita rn.


Fun fact: Bob McKenzie started his career at The Hockey News!
Tags: canadian celebrities, celebrity feud, covid-19, pr training needed, quit / fired / leaving, sports / athletes - hockey, what is the truth
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