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Chris Hansen of 'To Catch a Predator' looking into sexual misconduct of infamous 'scene' musician

-For his YouTube show Have a Seat with Chris Hansen, he announced he is looking into Dahvie Vanity, who peaked during Myspace's scene era

-Who? Born Jesus David Torres, he was known as "The Elite Hair God" and was in the band Blood on The Dance Floor. Here is a fan page about him, which will bring you back to your emo days of 2005. did an investigation on all the women who said he had sexually assaulted them. Many were underage at the time, the youngest being 13. Huffington Post picked up on this, and over time, they've rounded up 21 women who were assaulted. OP note: A list of his actions are at the source, so proceed with caution.

-After Huffington Post published their piece, Spotify removed Blood on The Dance Floor's music for "violating its prohibited content guidelines," and not explicitly because of the allegations (surejan.gif)

-As of April 2019, the 35-year-old was living with his parents in Florida

Why don't you have a source right there?
Tags: 2000s, men are weak, sexual misconduct, where are they now

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