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Sam Smith Encourages Everyone to Take Care of Eachother & Where You can Donate

"I just want to really bring home and just say how important I think this time right now is for all of us to remain a unit and to look out for each other, especially for all the older people right now in the world,” Smith said. “I’m worried about my Nan and there’s so many people I’m worried about. We’ve just really got to look out for each other and be patient and be giving and share things."

You can help out and donate to older individuals or people who aren't able to get access to necessities. Organizations like Musically fed: based in Los Angeles have turned turned 7,000 pounds of food intended for events at Staples Center in Los Angeles into 24,000 meals for shelters and missions across the city.

Another charity in the UK called First Days, contributes to families who are having difficulties in these times to provide for their babies.

In good charitable news, The Attorney General forced sanitizer asshole hoarder Matt Colvin to donate 17,000 bottles of sanitizer he was hoarding. Colvin gave two-thirds to a local church, which will distribute to people in need across Tennessee.

Lastly Smith encouraged fans to keep themselves busy while in isolation, whether through movies, television, music or even books -- "Even though I hate reading."

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