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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, GRRM says he's writing daily while isolated...

The laziest damn writer in the fantasy genre (and possibly all of fiction, idk) has deigned to give us an update via his blog, in which he has stated:

"For those of you who may be concerned for me personally… yes, I am aware that I am very much in the most vulnerable population, given my age and physical condition. But I feel fine at the moment, and we are taking all sensible precautions. I am off by myself in a remote isolated location, attended by one of my staff, and I’m not going in to town or seeing anyone. Truth be told, I am spending more time in Westeros than in the real world, writing every day."

He also added that although he has shut down his cinema (the Jean Cocteau Cinema) and Stagecoach, his non-profit foundation, he will continue to pay his employees for the forseeable future. Good on you, Gurmy!


So it took an actual global crisis...
Tags: books / authors, covid-19, game of thrones (hbo), its been 84 years

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