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The View: Dr Oz, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Sunny, Meghan, and guest co-hosts Sara Haines, Dr Oz

All About Coronavirus

More clips and summary of conversation below the cut

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Whoopi is consulting with her doctor. She feels fine but after last year’s health scare, she’s being safe.

St Patricks Day events cancelled but some in NYC kept a 250 yr tradition alive. US cases jumped 1,000 in a day. More strict guidelines. T45 is the worst, sick of having to write about his sh’t. Plays clip. latest poll 60% have little or no trust, then 37% are dumb and should be banished. Idk about the other 3%. SH only trusts doctors. Sunny says he’s having all these press conferences where he lies and nobody trusts him. Oz speaks about the doctors, says other things.

Meghan has a really long rant about millennials not taking it seriously and that dumb girl who licked a toilet for c-virus challenge. Dystopian landscape. Covid19 is 30x more contagious than the flu. She gets super worked up. Oz says we’re two weeks behind Italy. Compares South Korea and Italy. Looking at worst case scenario, it’s ugly. Meghan rants some more. SH is wondering why we aren’t under a full shutdown. Sunny talks about Governors who are taking local decisions. Cuomo has done a great job for NY.

Hot Topic Governor Dewine Cancels Ohio Primary

Judge rejected Dewine attempt to stop the Primary. Governor defied the judge, did it anyway. Says his Director of Public Health gave him advice. 35K poll workers were potentially impacted. Wants to have absentee voting extended, early voting, those votes are frozen. Quotes stats of diagnosed. Says he didn’t defy the court order. Local elections in addition to Potus primary. Talks about flattening the curve, avoid what happened in Italy.

Meghan says Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky have delayed primaries. Dewine says Ohio can’t have large gatherings, poll workers for 13 hours. SH says there is possibility of 100k diagnosed in Ohio. Dewine says they’ve had productive conversations with WH. He’s making decisions on behalf of his state. Oz lists all the things Ohio has done, asks if there should be a nationwide quarantine. Dewine says areas are seeing progression at different rates. He has to look after his states, and rely on his DPH.

Hot Topic Quarantine Fun

People are binge watching reality shows, having virtual cocktail parties. SH says now is the time to use dating apps and get to know people from a distance. Oz says they’re doing treasure hunts and having conversations with their family over dinner which they hadn’t done in a long time. Meghan tweeted her 15 favorite political films. Says blah blah complains about others not taking it seriously. SH reminds people are watching doomsday films like Contagion. Oz says the virus looks similar to a virus found in a bat. Tells an analogy about bats and animals having babies and something. We’re seeing the worst in people, but we’re also seeing wonderful things in humanity. Some grocery chains are opening early just for seniors.

Hot Topic More About Coronavirus With Dr Oz

Meghan says she isn’t handling this well. She’s on 11 right now. Talks about WH contradicting guidelines with their own behaviors. Oz says WH response hasn’t been fast enough. He would’ve gone faster, says people need time to buy into decisions being made. Respectful of political realities but happy we’re on the same page. Thinks we need a national level response, instead of states handling each on their own. Sunny talks about the economic side. 59% people live paycheck to paycheck. House passed a bill but WH hasn’t signed it yet. They talk about the reality of people who won’t admit they have symptoms because they have to work to support themselves and their family. This is what our tax dollars are for [if only all those tax cuts hadn’t been given to the uber wealthy /s]. Oz thinks we need 6-8 weeks, that’s potentially the finish line. SH asks if we should follow San Fran by sheltering in place, what’s the difference in arbitrary numbers <10 or <50 people.

Meghan and Oz talk more about social distancing. Staying 6 feet apart. Airborne virus, imagine cloud between you and another person. More discussion about how to wash your hands, like a surgeon. Don’t worry about anti-bacterial, any soap will do. He literally gives a visual explanation how to wash hands. Also exercise because working up a good sweat is good for your immune system, and also eat healthy. SH asks about children. Oz says no instance yet of any child under 10 years dying from virus. Woman gave birth, child was not sick. Sunny says her bf in her head Idris Elba doesn’t have symptoms but he has it. Oz thinks 2 weeks quarantine is the right timeframe for now. Oz talks about vaccine which takes 18 mos. They’re taking existing drugs for other diseases and trying them as well. If we can stall the spread.

Ontd are you going to do anything fun for St Patricks Day

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