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The View: Dr Phil, Hot Topics

Mixed panel. Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan plus guest co-hosts Sara Haines and Dr Jennifer Aniston Ashton

Hot Topic Coronavirus

More clips and summary of conversation behind the cut

More Hot Topic Coronavirus

Panel is using the large table when chefs are guests. Joy is self-isolating (announced Friday). Whoopi recaps the latest closings and news. People are angry at service people. Those folks need to CALM DOWN and be respectful. Asks if the tension is getting to the panel. SH says we need to be metaphorically together but literally apart. And stop hoarding. Sunny doesn’t like the hoarding or fights over tp. Likes seeing the nice human things people are doing for one another. Talks about her family, their restaurant is closing. JA calls out the tp dumbness. Tp represents fear, stress, anxiety to address a basic bodily function. When there’s so much uncertainty, hoarding tp is a way to feel like they can control something in this chaos. Meghan says the sheer distrust of our federal institutions is shocking even to her. Calls out Dum Dum Nunes. Not seeing courage coming out of the WH. Furious about those partying outside. Says they’re compromising everyone else even if you feel you’re safe. Rants about WH press briefings where they shake hands and they’re close together and large groups of press corps. JA says there is so much confusion. People who have symptoms may not be tested but be responsible and self-isolate. Whoopi says if you get sick, it doesn’t mean you’ll die. It’s not a death sentence. JA says 20/20 has a deep dive episode tonight (Monday). Taking live questions and tackling the psychological issues. Continues tomorrow on Nightline.

Donald Dum Dum should stop doing press conferences. Plays clip. Adding to anxiety when they say different things in the same press conference. JA gives an analogy. If you’re having surgery, it’s natural to be nervous. There’s a medical team prepared to treat the expected and the unexpected. Dr Fauci as a medical professional is able to say with reassurance, you’re going to be in pain, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The WH are stupid trash who lie their lies every day, not reassuring at all. Not the time to blame, let’s get through this and de-brief later. Sunny is still bothered at lack of testing. You can identify hotspots to contain. Compares US to S Korea. In SK, of all the people they tested, they got 4% positive rate. Right now, US will test first for the flu, and if that comes back negative, then eventually that puts you in line for c-virus test [lol surejan.gif, people are still not being tested]. Sunny still rants about tests. Meghan doesn’t like politicizing things, but it’s b.s. when the WH can’t get it together. Whoopi says calling people home (US) instantly then have them trapped in airports for hours, egads. Plane came from Philippines, no one tested. If you have symptoms, stay home, call your doctor.

Whoopi talks about things you can do to keep life normal for others. Get 10 hs seniors in your back yard and do a graduation for them. We have to figure out how to feed kids. Talks about ideas to help each other in the community. SH says you can buy gift cards now for usage later. Gives them money but doesn’t expose you. If you’re ordering stuff, do it now, because shippers may have to cut back.

Hot Topic Democratic Debate Recap

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SH felt restoration of faith from the debate [in comparison to WH sh’tshow]. Liked utilizing our military for domestic needs, they’re trained to help. She could take it in easier than big stage with multiple people. Liked Biden. Sunny thought there were missed opportunities. Biden said he’d pick a woman VP. Thought Sanders responses were lackluster, for VP and black community. Thought they could push the WH mismanagement of c-virus for November. Meghan said stock market is plummeting, we’re open to bio-terrorism. Felt Biden handled it well, whereas Sanders seemed like he didn’t believe it was happening.

Biden will pick female VP and appoint black woman to SCOTUS, wants cabinet to look like the country. Sanders says he’ll move in that direction. JA says she doesn’t like the labels he used, her kids don’t like being labeled. She was already asleep, just an observation. Meghan doesn’t like identity politics. Should be qualified and trustworthy. SH says she’d have to know who it is. Sunny liked it because women are 51% of country and it’s time. Doesn’t know who the choice might be. She wouldn’t take any woman, but there are enough qualified women to choose from. Meghan thinks T45 will dump Pence and appoint Nikki Haley. Gives sidebar thanks to the crew who came to work today.

Hot Topic Charlatan Dr Phil

Joins by satellite. Talks about mental health. Limit sources where you get info. Stop politicizing it, doesn’t care what they say, shut up. Listen to the scientists. Check 1-2x a day then tune it out, don’t live on social media or cable news. 85% people diagnosed have mild symptoms that don’t require hospitalization. Helping other people will help you not be so anxious for yourself. Crisis don’t make heroes, it just reveals who you really are. Meghan talks about markets cleared out, hoarders. Phil says it’s predictable but not normal. Most people in the world that had this virus have lived and gone back to their lives. Quotes stats and countries. People acting like the shelves won’t be re-stocked, it’s irrational. Priority is containment and mitigation, should see changes in 30 days. Plus warmer weather is on the way.

Sunny asks how to avoid going stir crazy. Talks about his show shutting down. Do as many normal things as possible. You can go outside on your own. Go garden in your yard, go for a walk. JA corrects him, we don’t know US stats about diagnosed and recovered yet. Also this is a global virus, it’s already warm weather other places. It could be longer than a month. Listen to the scientists. Phil has special episode airing tomorrow. Brought in experts like micro-biologists, immunologists. Talk about how the pathogen behaves, how important it is to wash hands.

Ontd how are you handling self-isolation?

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