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[ONTD Original] Disney Princesses and their Zodiac Signs

As ONTD's second in command when it comes to astrology (first in command being calinewarkwc69) I have decided that in light of us all being stuck inside, we deserve a little entertainment!
A while back someone posted a tweet about Disney Princesses and their zodiac signs and I found them completely wrong! So in the order of the zodiac, here are the 12 official Disney Princess and the zodiac signs that match them!

arieszodiac.gif merida.gif

Kicking off the list with Aries is Merida! She lives up to her stereotypical red hair. Aries is a fire sign that is ambitious, fearless, pioneering, and a natural born leader. Downsides to Aries is that they are often naive, impulsive, and obstinate. Does that description surprise you when it comes to Merida? She impulsively competes in the contest, impulsively finds a witch to curse her mother, and then finds herself waaaaay over her head. Merida's love of archery would make you think she would be Sagittarius, but her age, her impulsitivity, her obstinancy, and her athleticism make her an Aries girl.

tauruszodiac.gif cinderella.gif

Number 2 in the zodiac is Taurus and who else could match this except Cinderella? Taurus is known for being stable, reliable, and practical. Cinderella is stuck in the position of being a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters and the Taurean workhorse mentality helps her get through the endless tasks she has to do for them so she can keep a roof over her head. That said, Cinderella loves beauty and luxury and in enduring in Taurean fashion, she finally gets rewarded with her prince in the end.


Ariel? A Gemini?! But she's a fish! Clearly she should be Pisces! FALSE AND INCORRECT! Ariel's nature is nothing calm Pisces but it's 100% an airy Gemini. Geminis are known for being two faced, which Ariel really isn't, but she is somewhat flighty, making the decision to become human by striking a deal with Ursula without thinking things through. Despite that, Ariel and Geminis in general are considered knowledgeable, resourceful, skilled communicators, and for being "jacks of all trades, masters of none". Ariel has always been a seeker of knowledge, salvaging shipwrecks for treasure to learn about the world above the water. And in spite of not being able to speak to Eric, she was managing pretty well until Ursula took human form and enchanted him.

cancerzodiac.gif Aurora.gif

Princess Aurora is a Cancer! Cancers are like the crabs that represent them, hard shell on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside. Cancers are very emotional people, but only around those they trust. People who don't know them can find them to be initially cold and overprotective. They want to nurture those they love and would do anything for them. Aurora gets some of the least character development of the Disney Princesses, but she is shown to be emotional when she cries over the (believed) chance to meet Prince Philip again after she's returned to the castle, but she went to the castle in the first place to please Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Luckily Prince Philip turned out to be her betrothed all along; I don't think she would have handled it well if he hadn't.

leozodiac.gif PrincessJasmine.gif

The impetus of this whole damn post! The tweet that was linked said that Jasmine was a Capricorn which was categorically false!! Jasmine is a whole ass Leo! While she appears with a tiger instead of a lion, it's obvious from her whole presence that she's a Leo. She's a showstopper, all eyes on her, a born leader, energetic, magnetic! Jasmine had that whole damn palace under her control, her father and Jafar be damned! The movie wasn't even named for her, but everyone knows Jasmine was the real star. Downsides of being a Leo is that they can be insecure, self-centered, disdainful, and boastful. Jasmine, while powerful, is sheltered, but with a little help from Aladdin, her world grows.

virgozodiac.gif rapunzel.gif

I'm going to be real it was hard to pick one princess for Virgo; a lot of them could be Virgos. But looking at the attributes of Virgos, shy, sweet, introverted, organized, practical, and crafty with their hands, Rapunzel is the best fit. She's isolated but not on her own terms and she remakes the entire interior of the tower she's trapped in to represent her. It takes a lot of personal organization to make those murals. While she does freak out, she's still an excellent communicator (Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication after all), getting along with nearly everyone she encounters.

librazodiac.gif Pocahontas.gif

I initially thought that Pocahontas would be a Sagittarius, impulsive and desiring new frontiers, but surprisingly I found that she fit Libra more. Libras are about beauty and justice, and I think Pocahontas embodies those two ideals pretty well. Libras hate conflict and want balance and are known for being skilled diplomats. Libras are also indecisive when given too many options, but in the end they usually do the right thing. This seems to cross over pretty well between animated Pocahontas and real life Pocahontas. Libras are often one of the overlooked signs, like Taurus and Pisces.

scorpiozodiac.gif Mulan.gif

Mulan! A cold Scorpio!? Say it ain't so! Well it is so because I say so. Scorpios are considered the dark horse of the zodiac, cold, aloof, untrusting. Scorpios are self-reliant and can take a secret to the grave. Remember that Scorpios are a water sign and so are in touch with their emotions, but they hold a steel grip over them. They can use the emotions of others and themselves to their own ends, which Mulan does when she gets Shang and the boys to fight with her to save the Emperor from Shan Yu at the capital. Mulan has to hide and be untrusting because who she is is not allowed in her society. That doesn't stop her from saving all of China though!

sagittariuszodiac.gif Moana.gif

Sagittairus are optimistic, enthusiastic, and born wanderers. Is it any surprise that Moana is Sagittarius? Moana is heir apparent for the village of Motonui but she has always struggled with that being her path, choosing instead to find Maui and return the Heart of Te Fiti, saving all the islands from a blight and restoring her people to their adventurous and seafaring ways. As a bonus, the most famous centaur (which is the sign for Sagittarius) is Chiron, a healer, an astrologer, an oracle, and teacher of heroes.

capricornzodiac.gif Tiana.gif

Another obvious pairing, Tiana is a hardworking Capricorn! What makes Capricorn different from Taurus is drive. Tiana has the drive and the energy, working multiple jobs to achieve her dream. Capricorns are thought to "live life in reverse" being hardworking and mature in their younger years and relaxing more in the their later years. Capricorns love structure and hierarchy and working within the rules, which is why Tiana was so disappointed when those two assholes wouldn't let her just have her restaurant.

aquariuszodiac.gif Belle.gif

This was really a placement of elimination. I thought Belle was a Virgo or a Libra, but she's not either. I gave her intellectual Aquarius. Aquariuses are often isolated and are well known seekers of knowledge, something Belle lives. The villagers think both she and her father are odd and their home is set apart from the rest of the "poor, provincial town". Aquarius want something big and want to learn and see and know more- sound familiar? That said, I don't think Belle can only be looked at with her Sun Sign alone; she's probably a Pisces moon, Virgo rising.

pisceszodiac.gif SnowWhite.gif

The first of the Disney Princesses is the last of the Zodiac! Pisces are emotionally intelligent, compassionate, intuitive, and reserved. Quite possibly the most undeveloped princess, Snow White fits Pisces' more abstract thought process, its gentleness, and its kindness. In spite of the constant attempted murder by the only mother she's ever known, Snow White is gentle and kind, inspiring love even in the hearts of the coldest of dwarves.

Well, that's all of them! Apologies to those who thought I was going to include Megara in this list; turns out I can't count. Elsa and Anna are not part of the official Disney Princess line, as Frozen is a separate merchandising line. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this list, let me know!

For the party poopers who are going to say astrology isn't real, thank you for your time.

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