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The Witcher Suspends Production for Two Weeks Due to Covid-19; Kristofer Hivju Tests Positive

Production for Netflix's The Witcher series has halted filming on its second season for two weeks due to Coronavirus fears. The production crew will continue to be paid during the two-week hiatus.

This is the email that was sent to the staff: “The coronavirus has raised challenging issues for everyone working on set on productions for Netflix. We are very grateful for all the work everyone has done to keep cast and crew safe during this pandemic. Cast and crew health is our primary concern. We are dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic that is beyond our control, and in many instances with mandates or restrictions imposed by governments (including travel restrictions in many countries). As such, we have made the decision, effective immediately, to pause production for two weeks during this difficult time, and we will support our production partners working on Netflix UK scripted series in doing the same. This will allow everyone the time to make informed decisions about how to move forward.”



Actor Kristofer Hivju posted on his Instagram that he has tested positive and is currently self-isolating and asks others to do the same as well. He had been cast in a role for the show's second season.

Netflix will now do a "deep clean" of the sets after hearing this news and has advised staff to self quarantine. In an email, Netflix said the following, “We paused production prior to becoming aware of this, but as a further precaution we will be closing production offices and Arborfield immediately and arranging for deep cleaning and disinfection. We are in the process of contacting those who were in close contact with the relevant individual. However, due to the nature of this production, it is recommended that crew and cast self-quarantine for 14 days, monitor their temperature, and seek medical advice if they experience any symptoms."

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