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Nike, Urban Outfitters and other retail stores with COVID-19 closing

As the COVID-19 pandemic gets worse, major retail chains are closing their doors to stop the spread and protect their workers.

Here is a list of the stores that have announced closing and/or limited opening times:

APPLE -- All stores outside of Greater China will be closed until March 27.

NIKE -- Starting tomorrow, all stores in North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand are closed until March 27.

URBAN OUTFITTERS -- All stores closed worldwide until March 28.

PATAGONIA -- All stores and website closed. Company will announce next steps March 27.

WARBY PARKER -- All stores closed until March 27.

WALMART -- All 24-hour stores will now operate from 6am-11pm.

LULULEMON -- Starting tomorrow, all stores will operate from 12pm-6pm.

NORDSTROMS -- Stores will remain open but hours will vary by location.

KING OF PRUSSIA MALL -- One of the largest malls in America is also now closed, after initially defying the PA govenor's recommendation of closing all non-essential business in Montgomery County (where the mall is located) due to the county having the highest number of cases in the state. Other nearby malls in the county have also closed.


oblig "you don't need that shirt, stay home ontd!" comment.
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