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ONTD ORIGINAL: Battle of The Brits (Noms until 3/18!)

I picked the title bc yay alliteration! If it references some kind of difficult war my American ass doesn't know about, tell me and I'll find something else.

I'm surprised it took so long to nominate some of these people!
I have wanted to do this for a long time, and what better time than when we're all stuck inside and March Madness is cancelled 🎉

End Goal:
Finally decide who ONTD's favorite Brit is once and for all.


1.Nominate women/men here. Make a comment, preferably with a picture. People +1 or 'yasss queen' their support. I am on the fence as to include pets, but I think for now, we'll wait on that.

2. Must be British by birth or nationality*
*You were born and raised there, or moved there as a child. If you moved to Britain (The UK, Wales, or Scotland) as an adult, eh...It's like, I won't call Bieber an American bc he moved here and lived here as a teen and now adult, right? I know Northern Ireland is also a bit up in the air regarding its inclusion. I welcome any insight on if you want to include Irish celebrities as well.

3. Don't include Harry Styles I'm kidding I don't even know this man. Include him if you want.

Depending on the amount of people included, it can be each gender or separated. The max amount of people is 32.

Today: This post!
Wednesday the 18th: This post is locked at 2 PM Central Time, give or take.
Friday the 20th OR Saturday the 21st - The first Poll goes up, and we work from there. I hope to have a poll ready every 3 days or so.

ask your questions, especially if i've made something unclear. I've never done this before!
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