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Nancy Drew's executive producers break down insane reveals from episode 16

[Spoiler (click to open)]
-Lucy Sable's death wasn't a murder - she gave birth to a baby, called Carson and Katherine Drew for help, and proceeded to either fall or jump from the cliff

-Nancy found Lucy's diary in the Sable house, which exposed that she was pregnant; this ultimately led to Carson being freed from being accused of Lucy's murder

-Lucy's diary revealed that the Hudsons were responsible for ruining her reputation in Horseshoe Bay

-the baby? It's Nancy! Carson and Katherine fell in love with her and decided to keep her, leaving for Europe the next day

-Ryan Hudson is likely Nancy's biological father, but this will be clarified in episode 17

-George and Nick kissed

-this was all supposed to be revealed in episode 13, but since the show was expanded to a full season and renewed for season 2, producers decided to break up the reveals

-they also said they don't feel the need for "big reveals" to only happen in finales

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