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Events You Can Stream in the Time of COVID-19

Don't just sit and look at the news all day if you're at home. You won't feel better about what's happening. Watch something else, from music, to cartoons, to absolutely random stuff.

Most of these are free besides the obvious ones like Streaming Services.

Performing Arts

Seattle Symphony
Where?: Youtube and Facebook
What?: Music
Schedule: Here. Other events will be posted to the page as available.

Metropoliatan Opera
Nightly Met Opera Streams
Where?: The official site and it's official On Demand app.
What?: Encores of its Live in HD series.
Schedule: Here,  Up until March 22nd for now. More shows can be added.

The Berlin Philharmonic
What?: 600+ Concerts, with documentaries and histories!
Where: Digital Concert Hall
Schedule: On Demand. Here. Redeem the voucher HERE before March 31st! Free for 30 days.

Code Orange
Where?: Twitch
What?: Industro-metal!
Schedule: Tonight, at 9 PM Est. More info here.

Where: Youtube
What: Shit's Weird, Keep Calm and Carry On Concert
When: March 16th, at 7 AM PDT. Every source that mentions it is banned so go search this person's name and find the info.

Streaming Sites:

Disney will release FROZEN II on Sunday, March 15th, on Disney+, 3 months before it was scheduled to appear. RISE OF SKYWALKER is rumored to already be on there early as well, though I can't verify.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures for Kids, telling the story of the Skywalkers for the umpteenth goddamn time. See a playlist HERE.

Livestream of DC Super Hero Girls 2.0 HERE.

There are many movies that are outside of copyright (usually from Japan that are about 50 years old) on Youtube for free if you just look. Same with 90's and early 2000's television shows 😉

Remember that you can still get free trials of AppleTV+ and Disney+ if you haven't already.

If you have Steam, you can get a demo of a Super Monkey Ball clone, Paperball, HERE, for free!

Chlling Out

Livestreams of live things to have on in the background:

Explore Oceans (Fish)

Explore Africa (Animals in Natural Parks)
LoFi Hip Hop Radio (Music. Will she ever finish studying???)
Kilauea Lava Flow Activity (May 19th, 2018 - A Volcano)
NASA ISS Livestram (Earth from space)
Someone squishing various objects with their car.

srcs in the post & here's one for the tweet

Please list more! I wanted to make this for awhile and just now gathered up more sources. No more banned sources here.
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