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Nara deers and Thai monkeys run amok cities because of tourism drop

Nara, famous for having the largest bronze Buddha statue and the world heritage site it is enshrined at, and also for its free roaming 1,500 deer surrounding the area that greet and bow to tourists for snacks.

However, the deer’s dependence on snacks has been impacted due to the corona virus, causing people to avoid traveling and large gatherings. The deer are now desperate traveling away from the shrine park and into the city looking for food, causing trouble. Nara residents urge everybody to not forget about the deers.

A similar case is happening with monkeys normally well fed by tourists in city of Lopburi, central Thailand. Hundreds of hungry monkeys were seen fighting over a single banana in Thailand after the corona virus caused a huge drop in the numbers of tourists who feed them.

The visitors have plummeted because of the COVID-19 virus which is gripping not only humans but also animals around the world. Lopburi is home to thousands of wild monkeys that roam the streets and buildings. Many live in the grounds of the city's ancient Buddhist temples.

It is said to be divided between the monkeys which live in the temple areas, and those which live in the city.

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