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The View: Regina Hall, Hot Topics

Full panel

PSA > Joy will take a break, social distancing because she’s older and wants to stay safe

Regina Hall

Regina Hall is promoting her show Black Monday on Showtime

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Plays clip from show. RH says if she has the most money, then Yes absolutely prenup. Shares more about her opinion. RH is a Biden supporter, she previously campaigned for Hillary. She’ll support whichever Democrat. We’re in a crisis, and the c-virus has illustrated how important it is to get T45 out of office since the good economy was sheltering him somewhat. Encourages people to think about the bigger picture. Talks about importance of health issues.

Sunny moves to show, second season. Talks about cast. RH talks about the show, the cast, the characters. It’s weird that their story lines mirror what’s happening, it was filmed before some things had happened irl. It’s a comedy so they get to play and poke fun. Meghan brings up ghost home video (Monday episode), RH says she has a ghost from her old house. Sal Mineo would steal her cleaning supplies. She had his parking spot, and lived where he had (he was murdered). When she mentioned her moved cleaning supplies, someone said Oh it’s Sal. Shaun Cassidy [yes, him] came to her door with flowers with 2 other people, and wanted to see her apt because that’s where Sal lived. Lol séance! RH doesn’t rule anything out. She knows what she knows, but she doesn’t know everything. Turns out Brian’s dog passed away the same day of his home ghost video.

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Shutdowns, lists all the closing, and those embracing paid sick leave policies. Everyone is a socialist during a pandemic. Meghan thinks no one is a Libertarian during a pandemic. Joy says there are no atheists in fox holes. When it affects you, then it matters. Like Nancy supporting stem cell research when Ronald got Alzheimer’s. Sunny talks again about the marginalized employees, because they have to work to support themselves or families. These concepts – paid sick leave, paid family leave – they’re all socialist principles.

Joy talks about staying home, isolating due to her age being in a high risk category. She’s healthy, she talked to her doctor, he didn’t want to tell her what to do, but she’s decided to take off a bit [she mentioned one week] and see how it goes, she has the money to take some time off, be safe. Panel is supportive. Meghan says it’s better to be cautious than sorry. Take some time, then if you feel like you want to come back, then come back. Joy likes Dr Fauci, finds him credible.

Hot Topic Biden VP Possibilities

Names like Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar. Lots of capable and interesting candidates. Should pick a woman. Woman out of Georgetown did research, women get things done. Meghan thinks if Biden picks a woman, then T45 will kick out Pence and pick Nikki Haley. Joy believes T45 is beatable. Thinks Pence is doing better than T45 for coronavirus. Pence isn’t great but compared to T45, Pence is in Mensa. Whoopi teases who he should really pick based on who is really qualified. Joy asks if it’s bigger than a breadbox. Meghan doesn’t know what a breadbox is, what that reference means. Whoopi says he should pick Hillary but of course he can’t. Diverts to Hillary on Hulu. Panel talks about the documentary. Thinks it’s a documentary worth watching. Panel knows that won’t happen. Maybe needs to fill Latino gap. Or younger age. Biden will choose someone he genuinely connects with. Val Demings is also mentioned.

Hot Topic Is Louis CK Still Cancelled

Joy thinks his audience is mostly male so they’ll be more forgiving. Better chance of coming back than someone like Matt Lauer. Comedians aren’t taken seriously anyway. Joy says Fox and Breitbart takes her seriously haha but nowhere else [because she’s a comedian]. Same as a comedic actor (referring to Whoopi), while Meghan said Whoopi did drama Color Purple first /weird overtalk/. Sunny thinks people have the attention span of a gnat so he’ll probably be allowed back, but what he did was gross. Meghan used to like him, thinks the male fans will like the idea of going to a -banned- act. Some may not know or don’t remember his behavior. None of the panel would go see him now.

Hot Topic If You Ain’t No Punk Holla We Want Prenup

Vanderpump Rules convo. Getting a prenup before marriage is romantic. True-false. Meghan likes Whoopi’s hat. Sunny thinks future lawsuit, challenges. Meghan has a prenup, best one ever [!]. Talks a little about how they’ll keep their earnings separate. Sunny thinks it can be romantic, if it means all I want from you is your love. But then when the love ends (or kids involved) it gets messy. Joy remembers that Yes she does have a prenup [lol]. Whoopi thinks, keep what you did before marriage separate, but anything after that is what you did together. But also never get married in California. Calif. is 50-50 now for women, but that’s no longer always applicable since women work too. Nevada is also community property, so fyi if you marry in Las Vegas.

Hot Topic Honoring Women’s History Month Women in the Military

Women who served in military. Women’s Army Corp, first female 4-Star General, Air Force Brigadier General, and others.

Also a free for all coronavirus post for whatever you need to share or talk about

Ontd sorry! Yesterday was a day!

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