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Iggy Azalea Said Panic Buying Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak Is “Stupid”

Noted racist Iggy Azalea thinks her mother’s panic buying amid the coronavirus crisis is stupid. The 29-year-old former rap star has taken to Twitter to urge her followers to resist the temptation to hoard things like toilet paper and food supplies.

Iggy tweeted: “I will not stop trying to get my mother to admit panic buying is stupid UNLESS she eats all her canned fish and uses alllllllll her toilet tissue. Use ALLLLLL your dettol girl... or Admit defeat.”

She added, “Jokes aside though, please Try not to panic buy large amounts of things [love heart emoji]. Looking out for one anothers health includes making sure we all have access to the items we need instead of pointlessly hoarding them all in your garage.”

How are your local stores?
Have you stocked up on any food and supplies?


[Text]"This girl strolls by with her cart and she goes, ‘Are you looking for toilet paper?' I go, ‘Yah, I actually am.' She goes, ‘I just grabbed the last two a few minutes ago. Would you like one of mine? I'd rather you have one and I get one than you have nothing,'" he recalled. "I stood there after and felt, ‘Wow. That was a real feel good moment that this girl was willing to do that and wanting to do that.'"

"It just got me thinking of little acts of kindness and how in such a weird time like right now, how us as Americans and us as a nation, as neighbors, as humans, can really come together to help one another," he shared. "We really find ways to help each other."

Patrick continued, "I have friends that have been sent home from work. I know that there are a lot of hard working Americans that don't even know if they will have work in the next few weeks and months. It's a weird time for everybody so we really don't know what people are going through and that's the message here."

"Ask if you can do anything for them because we don't really know what people are going through," he shared. "We're all in this together."

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