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Riverdance 25th Anniversary Post!

- Riverdance is halfway through its NYC run for it's 25th anniversary show.

- On March 15th, the show will air in movies theatres for the first time across the US and Canada. It will be a one-night-only event.

ETA: Maybe not anymore bc of coronvirus idk.

- CBS Sunday Morning looks back on the phenomenon and legacy of Riverdance - speaking with the producers and one of the current leads in the show.

- The show started as an interval act on Eurovision when Ireland hosted in 1994. The response was so positive that they immediately started to work on making it into a full-length show. The show sold out in its original Dublin and London runs.

- Michael Flatley walked out before its second sell-out London run over a contract dispute. He gave the producers a list of 40 demands that they say were "absolutely impossible to fill".

- They next went to Radio City Music Hall in NYC for a two week run without him. It did so well (with the superior Colin Dunne as male lead) that they added six more weeks.

- The show includes different forms of dance including tap dance. The producers did this because they wanted the Riverdance to show support and respect for each other as well as how we borrow from each other culturally.

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Enjoy the two greatest Riverdance leads, Jean Butler and Colin Dunne, in their 1996 NYC run:

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