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The View: Hot Topics

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Hot Topic Coronavirus Coverage

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Donald Pandumbic slurred and stumbled through a botched public address where he couldn’t even read the teleprompter correctly and still didn’t address critical needs like test kits and healthcare support. Whoopi reminds that her business partner returned from Italy and nobody even checked him. In public address last night, you could hear T45 breathing through his mic. Totally not normal. Sniffy McSnifferson. Meghan says T45 inspires anger really well. The I feel your pain is something he’s incapable of. He has no ability to emote. Quinnipiac poll shows Biden seen as stronger leader during time of crisis. Sunny says the travel ban, even though it was wrongly stated, does nothing to comfort her. Then they had to correct his mistakes for 2 hours after the public address. Way too much xenophobia. He didn’t talk to Europe at all, to prepare them or organize how to manage it. So fact checkers earned their pay again. No ban on cargo, even though he said it would be banned. Joy says he should resign and let Pence deal with this. You get the test free, no co-payment, but no free treatment or relief for treatment. But nothing about test kits.

Meghan thinks Gov Cuomo is doing an amazing job, looking after citizens and prisons. When you traffic in lies and misinformation, the chickens are coming home to roost. Omg she calls out EH from yesterday and her cult koolaid, looool. This could be the silver bullet that [metaphorically] takes out the administration. This is T45 “Katrina”. Sunny says Lamar Alexander blocked a bill for employers to provide paid sick leave. Dow Jones note, we’ve lost all stock market gains since T45 took office. 3 years of economic growth that started when Obama took office (re/2009 financial crisis).

Pouty McFussypants called for unity then attacked Pelosi and tweeted about impeachment today. Meghan is having a rant at his inability to human like a human. Prayer circle y’all. Tom Hanks being an international public figure puts a face on it. His weird son Chet and his weird tattoos said his parents are doing fine. [Son Colin also tweeted a statement]. Some guy landed in Palm Beach and has been diagnosed. How did he know, where was he tested? People aren’t being tested at all. People coming home from foreign countries are breezing through. The wheels are off the bus. Joy likes Dr Fauci who seems to have a clue. Sunny says the mortality rate is 10x higher than the flu [? I don’t know if that is correct]. Meghan has a rant again about the bumbleheads in the WH and their bumblehead family. If you come back from another country, you have to fend for yourself and take action on your own. Sunny says a case in Mass. where everyone at the meeting got the coronavirus, meaning it’s airborne. Stephan Marbury traveled to China, the moment he disembarked, they took him to be tested. Whoopi tells the Palm Beach story again.

Hot Topic Sanders Campaign

Sanders isn’t dropping out. Plays clip. Question is what comes now. Joy thinks he’s trying to bring Biden more to the left. Thinks he should yell less at Biden and more at T45. Whoopi mocks the tone. Meghan wonders what Sanders is going to do to win over voters who don’t vote for him. Youth vote is not turning out. Has no foreseeable path, so what’s he doing. Joy thinks Biden needs Sanders Latino vote. Sunny wonders when does Sanders get out, he should get out now. If you look at future states, the path doesn’t look viable for Sanders. Whoopi mocks some more. Sunny thinks Biden should try to address the youth contingent but they’re not showing up anyway. Joy thinks Sanders can address his issues but still drop out of race. Sunny would like to see Sanders and his supporters energy focused on beating T45 not going after Biden. Meghan is shocked people thought his ceiling was much higher. People aren’t voting for him. Most youths from all generations aren’t engaged voters. Whoopi thinks, are you happy with the guy you have now, then stay home [?]. But if you aren’t happy, then get out and vote.

Hot Topic Bachelor Mama Drama

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Bachelor went off the rails on finale. Pilot Pete took back his engagement ring. Drama with Hannah Ann and Madison. Then his mom Barbara had a smackdown. You have to fail to succeed. Does mom need to mind her own business? Madison said she wasn’t in love with him, mom took that seriously, how is that unusual. Joy tells funny story about her daughter. Thinks it’s normal for a parent to ask questions of their kids future spouse. Whoopi thinks it’s not the parent to ask, it’s the kid to ask. Joy debates more, the mother was suspicious. Meghan thought the mom was extra, always crying, liked the cameras, wants her own reality show. Thought Pilot Pete was a tool. He’s 28 and chose 4 different women. Calls out ABC to get a highly evolved man. Sunny wouldn’t marry someone her family didn’t like. Both families merge. If there’s discord, that’s a red flag. Sunny would ask some of the same questions. Whoopi disagrees, it’s the kids choice. Joy talks about body language. She’d be able to tell if someone was being genuine and loved her kid.

Hot Topic Stop Flirting with My Man

Woman wrote to Miss Manners. Asked her friend to stop flirting with her husband. Joy tells jokes. Meghan loves Tom Selleck [relates to Joy’s joke]. Robert Wagner flirted with Joy whenever ago [yeah, idk]. Meghan thinks there are people who would want to date someone of the opposite opinion for the feistiness of it. Segues to Sean Hannity [this is a very weird segment lol]. Whoopi says Hannity got in touch with her when she was sick. If Joy was single and he asked her out, she should do it. Sunny thinks in general, the married guy should’ve told the woman to stop flirting with him. But she can see herself in the moment, saying to the woman directly, cut it out. Often men are oblivious and don’t see it.

You can consider this a free for all coronavirus-politics-post too.

Ontd how are you feeling today, are you looking after yourself?

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