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Amber Heard slams ‘abuse’ claims from former assistant amid Johnny Depp legal battle

Kate James, Amber Heard's assistant of three years, alleged in court documents that the actress was verbally and mentally abusive.

‘Amber was regularly verbally and mentally abusive and would often scream at me in that way, over the smallest things. She would fly into blind rages where no one could reason with her, and even if I was trying to offer an explanation, I didn’t think that she could hear me as she was so angry. It was like she thought regular things that can go wrong in any person’s life on any given day didn’t apply to her.'

She said she saw no signs of physical altercations on either side between Heard or Depp but wrote ”Amber hated me talking to Johnny, even if it was just polite small-talk, she would give me the evil eye if she found me having a conversation with him. She was very controlling and paranoid about anyone else being in his space and also about being observed by his security.”

A rep for Amber stated that '‘This is a statement from a disgruntled former employee who was fired for poor performance and clearly has an agenda and an axe to grind."

The full eleven page document which has numerous other allegations can be read here:

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