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Jason Statham Parts Ways With His Reps — But Who Fired Whom?

Actor Jason Statham has parted ways with WME, and several sources tell The Hollywood Reporter it was the agency, not Statham, that ended the relationship. However, other sources are saying that it was Statham who fired WME.

Reps for WME and Statham declined to comment.

Problems began when Statham dropped out of the Man from Toronto on March 3. Shooting was to begin in April for buddy action/comedy staring Kevin Hart.

Sony agreed to pay him $10 million dollars to star in a PG-13 movie. But Statham wanted to it be rated R. Sources closed to WME say that his team, Patrick Whitesell, tried to get him to stay. Statham would have to give up the money if he left and it would hurt his reputation. Statham left anyway and soon parted ways with WME.

“He’s got one of the biggest egos in Hollywood," a source tells THR. A Statham source, however, blames the blowup on Sony for rushing the project.

Statham had been with WME just under a year, having left CAA in April 2019. He also left his longtime manager, Steve Chasman at Current Entertainment, several months ago.

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