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The View: Katherine Schwarzenegger, Hot Topics

Full Panel

Elizabeth Hasselbeck /groan/ joins as guest co-host

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger is promoting her new book The Gift of Forgiveness

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[She sounds more mature than I expected] Talks marriage first. She met her husband at church. Sunny also met her husband at her Catholic church. KS mom always emphasized values, find someone who shares your values. EH says blah blah. KS talks about Terminator series, she was too little when the first ones came out, now she can appreciate both her parents on a different level. EH talks about the book. KS interviewed 22 people who faced traumatic events, then chose to forgive their perpetrators. She was struggling with forgiveness in her own life [bloop, dad maybe?]. Talks a bit about some of the specific stories. Says every person in the book wanted to be a part of it because it was important to them to share their forgiveness with others, and it’s something you give yourself. Forgiveness is for you, not the other(s). Sunny brings up another story, talks more details. Also there’s no time limit on forgiveness, sometimes it comes quick for some, other times it takes decades to reach that point. KS talks about her mom Maria Shriver and why she’s her hero.

Hot Topic Elizabeth Hasselbeck is Annoying

Elizabeth Hasselbeck comes back to haunt everyone who disliked her. I’m going to complain about her voice repeatedly. 615 hats = area code in Nashville who had tornadoes and her t-shirt says I Believe in Nashville. They called for 20K volunteers, and 30K showed up.

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Meghan likes no audience because she’s introverted and it reminds her of news shows. Talks about 911, which stopped the audience for one week, but it was because they were off the air.

So far, 1000 cases, vs 330M population. Use good hygiene and self-isolate. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s real, but use common sense. Other public events are being cancelled, schools closed. Joy took a bath in Purell. Sunny says her kid’s school closed. Her mom is in her 70s, so she’s in a high risk group due to asthma. EH says there is a fine line between precaution and panic. Will pray away coronavirus. She thinks we should take queues from Donald Pandumbic. Joy calls her out for her stupid nonsense. EH is trying to rattle off all the things T45 has suggested, which all puts money in his pockets by bailing out his friends and his own hotels but doesn’t solve the problem for the American people. Sunny goes in again, that people live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have sick leave. EH says dumb cult things. Tells everyone to pray, and believe our government [who lies and keeps secrets from us repeatedly]. Meghan, and I don’t think I’m capable of processing this, is more reasonable than EH. People are panicking. EH says more dumb things about loving each other and praying. I don’t know what koolaid she drinks but no thanks.

Hot Topic Suffer, Harvey WHINEstein

Click for related post here by oblivious_frog

Breaking news while show was on the air. Panel discusses the great news. Essentially a life sentence for 23 yrs at age 67 and that’s only NY, there is still Los Angeles. He still doesn’t get it, because he thinks it was consensual. Meghan happened to have met him twice. Once she was on a date, the man knew him. Tells story. Gives thanks to Ronan Farrow. Joy mentions Chris Matthews, who was gross. People told her that her stance was too strict. Explains why she feels Matthews was inappropriate. EH says whatever, I hate her voice and she’s ridiculous.

Whoopi says we need to make sure we teach women about how they see themselves, how they want to be treated, that we need to look out for each other. Sunny also says teach men what is appropriate and not appropriate. What means consent. Also teach girls to respond immediately when something is uncomfortable. Meghan brings up Aziz Anzari and the really bad date. Shares her perspective and it came out during the beginnings of cancel culture. Thinks there have been some men railroaded. Joy doesn’t like the victim blaming, had men come in her home lots of times, nothing happened. But then if something did, that’s on him, not her. EH says gobbley gook. Her voice is horrible. Says we should celebrate men who are not doing things like this. Whoopi says more things.

Hot Topic Positivity Project

Plays pre-recorded tape. Has a panel of the co-creators and the principals of the program and some student members. One of the little kids is waving at the camera while the guy is talking looool. Short version, how to be a good person, embrace others from all backgrounds, they talk about bravery-forgiveness-integrity, and they’re in (however many) schools across the nation. The principals talk about the impact on their students, building positive relationships with each other, their families, and so on.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Meghan gets a pass today because Elizabeth Hasselback is the worst.

Ontd are you able to forgive other people?

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