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Keri Russell On Why Strict Diets Are Just Not Her Style Plus pictures for Shape Magazine April 2020

-The ageless goddess wore a Celine bomber jacket with Gap Khakis and Rag & Bone t-shirt, and wore leopard print booties at the shoot.

-After Felicity, contemplated quitting acting because she didn't want to be more famous and was burned out from acting for a while.

-"I’m definitely a physical person. I’m happiest when I work out. You need that hit—where everything is moving and pumping and you instantly feel positive. I feel my absolute best—my sexiest—after a good workout. Right now, that’s usually a tough bike ride. Or I’ll dance around in my room to loud music and do moves I remember from a pregnancy video I had. But if I have a good chunk of time, I’ll go to a gym and do exercises using a band that a trainer taught me 20 years ago.”

-“I have dry skin, so I use super-creamy Eve Lom Cleanser. (Two years ago, her makeup artist introduced her to getting a facial so she went to the Joanna Vargas spa). You know what really works, actually, which I just was telling my girlfriends about? That weird mechanwical [microcurrent] device called the NuFace. I do notice a difference. Beyond that, I try to wash my face at night.”

-“I go for a certain style that’s handsome tailoring, masculine taste. Especially with red-carpet events, I don’t want to be part of the competition. I don’t like to be the main attraction—I just want to feel good. But the stress of those events and the way you are picked apart, the way there are people who look right and who look wrong, is hard. Matthew and I watched some power poses at the Met Gala one time. It was incredible. We were next, and Matthew turned to me and said, ‘I am so frightened right now.’ I was like, ‘You should be. This is just terrifying.’ There are certain people who can do it, and I marvel at them. But it’s just not me.”

-Says that she's a pretty healthy eater and she eats a lot of food in smaller portions throughout the day.

-When she's shooting, she feels the need to refuel herself through eating or else she'll run out of energy. During the filming of The Americans, one time ate a lot of doughnuts.

-Every day she drinks hot water and lemon when she wakes up (ONTD is this lemonade or just what it says?;)

-Used to cook more when she only had one kid. Now she does a roast feast on Sundays.

-She admires people who still look amazing for their age, and wants that too but without the strict regimen. She still wants to let loose and eat Bolognese.

-For her riding her bike is comfort no matter how cold it is outside. She needs her alone time for her stability.

-Says good sex and good sleep, and time to hang out with girlfriends are things that'll make you feel great.







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