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Camila Cabello Admits That Her 8-Month Relationship With Shawn Mendes Is “Emotionally Exhausting”

Camila Cabello is opening up about her 8-month relationship friendship with Shawn Mendes. The 23-year-old noted racist spoke to Capital FM host Jimmy Hill at the Global Awards 2020 on Friday, and during the interview, Hill asked if Shawnmila fans were going to get new music from the PR couple. The two of course recently teamed up for their 2019 hit, “Señorita.”

“I want more, we want more, but honestly, we’re being in our 20s,” Cabello said of working with Mendes, 21, again in the future. Hill then asked if it was due to their “busy” schedules. “No, not even like that,” Cabello responded. “Just, like, being in love is exhausting; it takes it out of you.”

“We can’t even go to the studio, we can’t," she added. “We’re trying to calm down.”

“Too busy in other ways?" Hill jokingly asked. “No, I meant emotionally!" Cabello clarified.

Ok but...

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