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The View: KJ Apa, Hot Topics

Meghan is out, ABC Deborah Roberts is guest co-host

KJ Apa

KJ Apa is promoting his film I Still Believe

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Riverdale star is in a film with Shania Twain, which is based on a true story. Plays clip. He’s not a natural redhead. But he is a Kiwi. His big break was in a soap opera in New Zealand. It’s been a wild ride, especially since he came to the US. Talks about his career history. Misses his family, his mom, all the time. He does a good American accent, he says it’s because you’re bombarded with American content in tv, film, songs. Has trouble saying burger and girlfriend. Whoopi says gobbley gook. Sunny explains the plot of the film. KJ says the story is what drew him to the movie. He was worried about playing a real life person but is really proud of the outcome. He sings and plays the guitar as his character. He sings on Riverdale but he’s not that confident so this was a good challenge for him.

DR is ill-suited to be a guest co-host because she’s really weak on interviewing. KJ talks about his childhood and school and growing up, becoming interested in acting. He was into accounting. His school was like Hogwarts. Whoopi asks about Luke Perry, who played his dad. KJ says nice things. This whole interview is very ~awkward. Sunny does a rapid round:

Last Amazon order, cleaning supplies
Most famous person in his phone, takes a pass
Teach us NZ slang, looks at the wrong camera (lol), says chur = means good

Hot Topic Coronavirus

Recap on closings and how states and businesses are handling the virus. Plays WH clip. Dum dum says dum dum things. T45 doesn’t want no. of cases to go up, because that makes him look bad. He wants people to stay calm, Joy says she hasn’t been calm in 3 ½ years. Sunny says the mixed messages are out of control. The lying liars who lie their lies can’t get their stories straight so it’s exacerbating panic. Joy says government is supposed to handle this type of crisis and they’re screwing up. DR talks about 20/20 2 hour special last Friday. Experts say don’t panic, but exercise caution. Her son’s school closed today because someone was diagnosed, so they’re cleaning the school, and it will re-open tomorrow. T45 is blaming Obama because of course. Obama set up pandemic response team, then T45 got rid of it. About 500 cases diagnosed, against 250M 330M population [egads that the panel has no clue how many people are in America]. Whoopi is trying to emphasize that the numbers don’t suggest panic, pay attention. Be cautious.

Hot Topic Dr Jennifer Aniston Ashton Returns To Talk Coronavirus

500 cases in the US. JA says ABC News is getting updates every hour. What’s really important is how many people being tested, which is the tip of the iceberg. We don’t know what’s hiding in plain sight – exposed but no symptoms, or symptoms could be cold or flu. The virus is less than 3 mos old. The testing process has been fraught with missteps from the beginning, starting 10 weeks ago. Talks about supply chain of test kits, need to scale up. Sunny has a cold, wonders what you do if you feel sick. JA says medicine isn’t robotic, it needs to be diagnosed by a human. If you’re not surrounded by those exposed, you’re more likely to have a cold.

Sunny asks about news media meeting with VP Pence. JA explains what happened, met for 30-45 mins. They asked news questions and updated them as well. Was left with a general concept that there’s a lot of finger pointing, but feels that is a waste of time. JA tries to stay in her lane, the medical lane, feels both sides are doing it. Focus on the present and look forward. JA says a lot of things without really saying anything. Sunny says CDC advises maybe don’t take a cruise. JA is going to FL for work, and will go unless event is cancelled. Cruise ships are probably the highest risk, there are different ways people travel so weigh the risk vs benefits. Uses a lot of sanitizer. Good hygiene doesn’t sound sophisticated but it’s the best approach. Think about months ago, if you had a health issue – would you go to the emergency room. That answer should be the same now. If you feel sick, call your doctor. There are other people in the E/R who had heart attacks or broken bones and shouldn’t be exposed to the virus. If you don’t have insurance, call the health dept or call the clinic. If you had the same symptoms and it was 6 mos ago, react the same way now. Don’t overreact.

Hot Topic Spooky Home Security Video

Brian one of the producers had a poltergeist appear on his home security video. Looks like a tumbleweed but as a ghost. Panel ponders what it might be. Whoopi thinks it’s something that needs to be blurred out. They put the house on the market (joking). He was out with wife, babysitter was home, got a notification on his phone app. They want others with spooky video to tag The View on twitter, especially if you’re quarantined, what else do you have to do.

Ontd do you believe in ghosts?

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